RoS Pistol RPG Ammo, Mobile Legends Patch Lag, Ragnarok M Eternal Love Pre Registration Rewards and


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Rules of Survival RPG Pistol Ammo Cheat, Mobile Legends Patch and Lag Issues, Ragnarok M Eternal Love Pre Registration Rewards, BlueStacks 4, Call of Cthulhu, Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner and the new Devil May Cry 5 Character.

Rules of Survival Pistol RPG Bullet
  • Cheating on Rules of Survival has reached a new heights
  • bakit kamo?
  • because recently hackers are using RPG bullet on on pistols
  • opo tama po nariringi nyo haha ibang klase noh
  • So if you ever get one shot or even got your skilled by a hand gun - alam nyo na cheater yon
  • But good news according to the RoS team they have taken actions and fixed the problem
  • as for the cheaters hopefully they got banned here is the official statement
  • “Survivors, we‘re aware of a recent cheat of using pistols with RPG bullet, which seriously violates our game rules. We have taken actions and fixed it. Stay tuned!”
  • lol - stay tuned daw
  • This just shows how people can easily hack RoS, as a statistics based anti cheating should notice this as a red flag immediately - sigh
  • how can you even equip a rocket launcher bullet to a pistol from the first place
  • hay nako RoS kelan kaya kayo ma aayos kasi pag nariring ko RoS agad agad na pumapasok sa isip ko e cheaters
  • So if may nakita kayong cheater report nyo agad at kung naban naman kayo wag mag alala dahil merong ban appeal check nyo nalang sa description yung link pano mag apela

Ragnarok M Eternal Love Pre Registration Rewards
  • the upcoming Ragnarok M Eternal Love Pre Registration has started and here are the pre registration reward goals
    • For 100k pre-registration we get the Novice Chest that includes
      • White Potion x50
      • Blue Potion x50
      • Fly Wing x50
    • in 300k the Ring Pack that includes
      • Novice Ring x1
      • Mystery Chest x5
    • for 600k the Card Pack which gives
      • Novice Love Card x1
      • Big Cat Voucher II x30
      • and if we manage to get 1M pre registration we get a x1 Limited Head wear
  • - So if you haven't pre registered you can visit to the playstore or appstore to pre register
  • - Ragnarok M Eternal Love will be released in South East Asia by Gravity and XD Global
  • - as for the release date it says coming soon

BlueStacks 4
  • BlueStacks launched its newest version for their Android emulator on PC
  • and according to their press release its now 6 times faster than any Android device in Antutu as well as lower cpu usage and lower memory since if you use emulators you will notice that the emulators takes up alot of ram and cpu
  • but if this is true it's faster than the latest iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9 which is kinda unnecessary comparison since you are using a pc from the first place
  • The new update also brings simpler UI, Improved Key Mapping, BlueStacks Store and Points and the best part Bluestack Multi Instance
  • This allows you to play multiple games by using multiple accounts
  • To those who don't know BlueStacks 4 allows you to emulate most Android games and apps in your desktop or laptop
  • Actually this is the method on how we record and stream mobile games
  • If you don't like Bluestacks there are alternatives like Nox, Memu Play or even Tencent's gaming buddy

Fortnite Biggest Month
  • According to Epic games the month august was their biggest month ever!
  • how big? well according to them they had 78.3 million players
  • this was announced on the official epic games website
  • Along with the statement they also released details for the upcoming Fall Skirmish
  • where they will be awarding 10 million usd prize money across a 6 week series at Twitchcon
  • According to epic they have invited 500 fornite community creators and competitors divided into 5 clubs namely
    • and BUSH BANDITS
  • They havent mentioned specifically who will participate but let us know which club you will be rooting for

Call of Cthulhu
  • Do you like survival horror games? - ako hindi eh haha
  • anyways a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming horror rpg Call of Cthulhu has been revealed
  • The new trailer shows the protagonist Edward Pierce as he investigates Darkwater island as private investigator to solve the death of the Hawkins family
  • it also shows that the game does not emphasize in combat but more on skills like stealth, speech, medicine and knowledge of the occult
  • The game will also feature a semi open world environment with lovecraftian themes like psychological horror
  • Call of Cthulhu is expected to be released on October 30 for ps4, xbox and pc

Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner
  • If you like “Gacha” games like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius or Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Well good news because the Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner global release has been announced by Gumi as its newest mobile game
  • The new mobile RPG is set in an extended universe is set 1000 years after Brave Frontier
  • Some notable features in the game is now you are allowed to have battles of upto 50 characters - grabe di kaya malag to
  • The graphics has also been overhauled from sprites based to a more HD 2d graphic art style
  • The game is now available for Android and iOS worldwide so you can start downloading
  • So hinay hinay lang sa pag gastos alam ko nakaka adik mga ganitong game alam nyo naman mejo may pagkahawig ang mechanics sa sugal

Devil May Cry 5 New Character
  • In the trailer released on the Tokyo Game show a new playable characters has been introduced in the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 game along with familiar faces like Trish and Lady
  • as for the 3rd playable character we only know him as the “client” with emo like appearance
  • those are the info we got so will have to wait for more details for his skills and weapons
  • so chill muna
  • Also included in the new trailer is we get to see that Dante’s Devil Trigger Transformation is back
  • while for Nero he is shown getting a new weapon called “Mega Buster” which is inspired from Mega Mans mega buster
  • note that this weapon is only is exclusive in the deluxe edition of DMC 5
  • To those interested Devil May Cry 5 will be released on March 2019 for Ps4, Xbox and PC - hay matagatagal pa

Mobile Legends Patch 1.3.14 and lag
  • Recently Mobile Legends released a latest patch called 1.3.14 and majority of the players are experiencing lag
  • because of this many players have been expressing their frustration on social media specially on facebook groups
  • but besides that here are the latest changes and updates that you should know
    • For Jungling the difficulty of Creeps are increased according to ML this is to incentivize players to lane during the early game
    • Battle Spells are weakened and changed to scout and summons were a magical assistant Harper gives you sight on a designated area
    • The emblems healing hand was redesigned to Avarice that grants extra 10 gold after dealing damage to enemy heroes with a cooldown of 2 seconds
    • According to Mobile Legends devs servers connections are optimized and enhanced for South East Asia and South america - weh di nga
    • A New fighter role hero called Thamuz the Lord Lava has also been released - so to follow nalang yung hero breakdown namin noh
  • And finally on September 25 the current season will end which is earlier compared to previous seasons however they also mentioned an upcoming big event on the said date
  • So that's all the notable changes what do you think are you lagging as well comment below