RoS Prohibited Behavior Ban, Ascendant One, Survival Heroes, LoL Patch 8.20 and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about RoS Prohibited Behavior Ban, League of Legends 8.20, Ascendant One, Survival Heroes, Fortnite Android, Razer Phone 2, and NBA 2k19 Android

NBA 2k19 Android
  • NBA 2k19 is coming to android, this was announced in the official twitter of nba2k
  • as for the release date it says coming soon, maybe after the release of this video the game will be available
  • to those who don't know nba 2k19 is already available on iOS devices however its not free as it currently cost 7.99 usd or around 380 php
  • so we will probably expect the same when the game becomes available on android
  • The mobile version of 2k19 will also include story and career mode as well as a head to head quick game
  • also take note that the game has 3GB file size
  • So if you are interested currently its on iOS and coming soon for Android

Razer Phone 2

  • For our Tech news
  • Razer officially unveiled their successor to its Razer Phone called the Razer Phone 2
  • and because its razer its ofcourse targeting the gaming market
  • So here are a few things you should know that they changed with the Razer Phone 2
  • The phone got an upgraded Snapdragon 845 chipset which is clocked at 2.8 ghz with an Adreno 630 gpu
  • The ram is still an 8gb with the same 64gb
  • so walang pinagpagbago dito
  • even the battery is still the same 4k lithium battery
  • the most notable change in the Phone is the camera and that the phone is now water resistant
  • So in short if you own a Razer Phone before there is no point of upgrading unless you intend to play while bathing

Fortnite Android
  • Good news fornite fans because the Android version is now available for everyone
  • as long as your device is compatible or could run the game
  • So no need to be in the waiting list or have a samsung device
  • This news was announced last friday by epic games
  • So if you are interested in the game just download the epic installer to run the game
  • take note that the initial installation and update will be a bit slow due to optimization for it to run better on your device

Survival Heroes

  • Do you like MOBA and Battle royale games on Mobile?
  • Well this game might be for you
  • - Because Survival Heroes a Moba Battle Royale is now available for download
  • Similar to battle royale games you parachute on an the arena at a location you prefer and start looting for weapons and gear
  • The game will also feature a 100 player elimination for the last man standing
  • and because its MOBA themed there are specific skills for specific each heroes
  • so If you are interested the game will require a 2gb of ram phone to play

League of Legends 8.20
  • Recently Riot Games released League of Legends patch 8.20 so here are the major changes you should know
  • First is Ezreal’s W Redesign which is now the new Essence of Flux which now marks a target and can be detonated to deal more damage
  • We also have several heroes that got nerfed, namely:
    • Ahri with the R Nerf
    • Nami W heal decreased
    • Evelyn's’ Empowered E damage has been decreased in early levels as well as the R damage being decreased
    • Jhin’s Passive no longer scales off Hail of Blades while Jhin is out of combat
    • Sions based health regeneration decreased
    • and finally Graves with a Passive Nerf
  • For the Runes, the Dark Harvest based damage has been decreased
  • And lastly for the upcoming skins and chromas
    • Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger
    • Infernal Amumu
    • Hextech Malzahar
    • Dragon Trainer Tristana
    • Dragon Trainer Lulu
    • and Infernal Amumu have been added
  • So here are the notable changes in the Patch 8.20 notice it's mostly nerfs
  • what do you think comment below

Ascendant One

  • Are you sick of playing League of Legends or Dota 2?
  • Well a korean developer called devcat is developing a Moba game called Ascendant One
  • based from the game preview the graphic is insane as its running on the unreal engine
  • So bad news if you have potato pc
  • Instead of the traditional mythical theme Ascendant One will be sci fi themed similar like Paragon
  • The skin system in the game will be comprehensive as its now divided into several parts with different colors and materials - parang mmo
  • Ascendant One is planned to be initially released this year however developers retracted on this as they feel the game is not yet ready

RoS Anti Hack Now Working

  • Good news RoS players because this time it seems that the Rules of Survival anti cheating system is now working
  • Do note that there are still cheaters or its 100% cheaters are gone but at least this time there is a significant impact
  • because after the recent patch majority of the players using cheats have start complaining on facebook groups that they got banned
  • this is specific mostly for memory hackers
  • buti nga sa inyo
  • the sad thing is the ban does not look like its permanent as its reported to be a 30 day ban only
  • ano ba yan dapat permanent ban tpos hardware ban narin!
  • also some users are being suspended for prohibited behavior for 5 days
  • to those who don't know prohibited behavior are players that are reported by other members for actions like
  • team killing, abusing bugs, profanity, and other minor cancerous behaviors
  • So what do you think good news ba ito? o baka nagpalit lang kayo ng hax? comment sa baba para malaman namin ang inyong opinion