RoS Quick Guide to Make Your Early, Mid, and Late Game Slightly Easy


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May 11, 2015
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Quick guide to make your Early, Mid, and Late game slighty easy (I know i'm not a good player but i just want to share my experience to you guys).

Early Game:

Dropping with a enemy:
You dont go loot for items. Find a weapon to protect yourself try to hunt down your foes before looting up

No one drop with you:
So no one drop in your spot except you? Good then find the essential things you need (A gun, armor, Ammo, Medical stuff)

Always put your gun on single when fighting in a long distance fight:
Pretty simple. To reduce the recoil of your gun and slightly helps you to shoot.

Always I mean always get the throwables:
Molotovs, Flashbangs, Smokes, Grenades is important.

Always have earphones or headphones on:
Pretty self-explanatory. In order to hear the things to need to hear

Mid game:

Always have a gas can in your bag:
Trust me you need that gas when you have a car.

Throw the things you don't need:
Simple yet again. In order to make space for things that are important

Always move when healing, checking your bag:
To make you harder to shoot by your enemies. Easy right?

Never stay in a place for a long time:
Having a fight? That just wasting your time? Fuck it. Get away from it.

Always have a vehicle when traveling in a long distance:
Basic you know why.

Late game:
This is where you're shaking.

Always move:
Again in order to scout the enemy out and pick off enemies

Do not prone (only if necessary):
The proning animation has a 1.5 second in order to stand up. Dont waste that time frame.

Less foot steps > less sounds

Be calm:
Chill you'll will win this believe in yourself.

Don't rush take your time:
One of you makes a fuck up so dont rush it. Make them fuck up and punish for their mistake.

Lastly, Have fun:

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Jun 18, 2020
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