RoS Season 4, Rip PUBG? Ragnarok Eternal Love, Special Force Survival


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Rules of Survival Season 4 Release Date, PUBG vs Blackout, Ragnarok Eternal Love, Special Force Survival, LoL Patch 8.18 Breakdown and Witcher Bame Actress casting call

Rules of Survival Season 4 Training Manual
  • Because of some concerns the Rules of Survival Season 4 has been delayed
  • so basically this seasons Training Manual Points have been extended - pwede pa kayo humabol
  • According to Rules of Survivals official twitter post the new season 4 date will start on September 26
  • here is what they said
  • “Dear survivors, we're aware of your concerns about the new season. As we mentioned in this week's Patch Notes, settlement of this season's Training Manual points has been extended. The new start date for Season 4 is September 26th. Let's stand by for more!”
  • however in the forums moderators are not sure if this is confirmed - ano ba yan ang labo
  • Also based on the leaks here are the items we can expect in the Rules of Survival Season 4 Training Manual
    • New Car Skin with 4 colors
    • New Angel Set
    • New Devil Set
    • Baseball Uniform
    • Female Anubis
    • Female Rugby Uniform
    • and many more
  • Wow based from this we are not sure if this is RoS or we are now playing tekken - haha
  • however take note that this items are taken from the chinese version so they are not confirmed
  • Since netease can change the items based on regions like what they did last time

PUBG vs Blackout
  • According to an article by eurogamer PUBG’s player count took a hit on the day Call of Duty Blacks 4 Blackout Beta began
  • and the crazy thing is the beta is only in PS4 as of the writing so what more when the PC beta comes out
  • Also, note that the first impressions of the Call of Duty Black Ops Battle Royale game
  • many large gaming publishers are actually impressed on the Beta
  • Where in VG 24/7 said “Blackout mode could be the best battle royale yet”
  • then Polygon saying “Blackout, is exceptional”
  • - and the most brutal from CNet saying “the Call of Duty name to have more polish than PUBG”
  • So if you don't know this are major gaming journalist praising the game
  • and if this continues on PUBG wont just be having a player dip but players will literally go for the next big thing
  • Specially now its not just call of duty coming out with battle royal as battlefield v will have the game mode as well
  • So what do you think rip pubg? let us know in the comments

Ragnarok Eternal Love
  • Good news ragnarok fans
  • The pre registration for the Ragnarok online Mobile version called Ragnarok M Eternal Love has started
  • does this mean release date coming soon?
  • Gravity and XD Global partnered to bring the mobile game in southeast asia
  • To those who don't know Ragnarok M: Eternal Love was released last year in China with the most most recent Korea launch last March
  • however this versions are not in English
  • but now we will have the proper english version so no need to patch
  • So for new and old fans
  • Ragnarok M: Eternal Love will feature the same open world environment, music, and visuals so very nostalgic
  • The game will also have a PvP and War of Emperium
  • are you excited, im sure am!

Special Force Survival
  • Do you remember special force?
  • well the korean developer Dragonfly recently announced a new game titled Special Force Survival
  • to those who dont know Dragonfly is known for shooters like Special Force and SF2
  • The new Special Force Game will be co developed with Blackspot Entertainment who previously developed Line of Sight - yan yung video na nakikita nyo ngayon dahil wala pa footage sa SF survival
  • This time the new game will be developed using unreal engine 4 and is targeted to launch in south east asia in 2019
  • So based on the title it will be a military survival game for sure battle royale

Witcher Bame Actress
  • Recently Netflix announced the they will be making a Witcher TV Show which will be based from the books and will be accurate as possible - nice mala game of thrones bawal ang bata
  • Then it was confirmed that the actor for Superman Henry Cavil will be Geralt for the show
  • So basically so far so good
  • then another casting call for the was reported, where the show is planning to cast a “Bame” actress to play the fan favorite Ciri
  • and here things got out of hand as there have been a backlash wherein even the show runner has taken hiatus
  • So why did this happen let us explain
  • First let's talk about the word “Bame”
  • this refers to Black, Asian and minority ethnicity
  • then let's connect that to Ciri wherein the book states she has green eye and pale skin this can be seen in Lady of the Lake chapter 9
  • So meaning the Witcher TV adaptation is changing elements which in take angering the fans of the book and the game altogether
  • and this is not minor because if you change Ciri meaning you have to change her parents which is in Nilfgard
  • then you need to change the whole ethnicity of Nilfgard empire or even Cintra
  • which are northern kingdoms based on Poland
  • if you still don't get it imaging in the next Thor movie we get Viktor as the new version
  • hopefully this is just a mis interpretation and we get a more book accurate Ciri

LoL Patch 8.18
  • League of Legends Patch 8.18 has arrived so here are the highlights the you should know
  • First the Odyssey
    • this is new PvE event wherein Jinx and crew landed in an alien planet in search of Ziggs where they will all have to survive by collecting resources to defend in waves of enemies
    • So basically its a tower defense
    • also note that each champion on this mode has different augments and passive abilities which you earn each time you play
    • So what do you get in this mode? well basically exchangeable Odyssey themed skins and bundles, icons and borders, ward skins, emotes, chromas,, crafting materials and missions.
  • Here are the champions that got Buffs
    • Vayne
    • Aatrox
    • Renekton
    • Viktor
    • and Lucian
  • and this are champions that got nerfed
    • Akali
    • Sejuani
    • Trundle
    • Ryze
    • Braum
    • and Kai’sa
  • Auto Smite
    • Noted as one of the most notable change if you get slotted as a jungler one of your spell slots will be automatically populated with Smite
    • So basically this for players who forget they are in a jungler role, note that you can change this if you choose to
  • and Finally more space themed skins
  • so here are the major changes and updates for patch 8.18