RoS Steam Removal, Game Addiction Symptoms, Fortnite Vbucks Scam, AoV Switch, and ML Nazar King


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about the Removal of RoS on Steam, Game Addiction symptoms according to World Health Organization, Fortnite Vbucks Scammer, Mobile Legends New Hero Nazar King Kaja, Final Fantasy 7 Remake update, and Arena of Valor in Nintendo Switch

Game Addition

  • According to the world health organization, video game addiction is now a mental health disorder
  • If you remember we reported before that the world health organization was going to recognize gaming disorder but now its official
  • So let us break down the signs that you have a disorder, so for the parents watch carefully - baka need nyo na pa admit mga anak nyo
  • First impaired control over gaming this is when you can stop playing and play on longer duration in short - ayaw mo ng tumigil
  • Second the increase in the priority given to gaming to the point it's more important than other life interest or activities
  • And lastly continuation or escalation of gaming despite occurrent of negative consequence, this basically means - npapabayaan mo na pag aaral mo o baka pati health mo sa kakalaro
  • So if you have this symptom or know someone who knows this issues it means they have a gaming disorder according to the world health organization
  • Kaya comment nyo na yung mga adik jan tpos sumbuong nyo narin sa magulang nila, laglagan na mga kagamer!

Final Fantasy VII
  • If you noticed Final Fantasy VII Remake is a no-show in the recent E3 so we can't help but speculate what's happening to the game's development
  • Is it still going out are there more delays or worst is there another internal restructuring in the Square Enix HQ
  • But good news because the game director Tetsuya Nomura assured fans that they are developing the game in parallel with Kingdom Hearts 3 in a recent interview with The Verge
  • And in another recent interview of Famitsu Tetsuya Nomura with Famitsu, he mentioned that the development of Final Fantasy VII is going well and moving along more than expected
  • Hopefully, this is all true since we can't wait for the Remake
Fortnite Scam
  • Epic games the developer of Fortnite reminded players to beware of website vbucks scammers
  • This is a direct response to websites claiming to be part of epic games and offering vbucks
  • This websites even replicated the look and feel of an official epic games website
  • So if you see users posting on facebook groups of sites with free vbucks with an affiliate link or referral code like fortnite gifts, free vbucks or discounted vbucks
  • Those are scam sites according to epic games
  • and to make it worse those non-affiliated websites can steal your Epic games account losing all your Fornite progress
  • Epic Games also mentioned that there are only 2 official websites namely and
  • So if it's not the two mention don't waste your time because those are scam
Mobile Legends New Hero
  • Mobile Legends is releasing a new Tank / Support hero called Nazar King - Kaja (Kaya)
  • So let's break down his skills and abilities,
    • First the
    • Passive Skill: [Eye of the Storm]
      • Kaja gains movement speed when attacked by enemy heroes.
      • This movement speed boost decays over time and can be triggered once every 5 seconds.
    • For the
    • 1st Skill: [Ring of Order]
      • Kaja releases a Ringed Electric Blade that quickly expands and contracts
      • Enemy targets will suffer magic damage and a brief slow effect
      • At the end, Kaja unleashes a lightning bolt that deals damage to the closest enemy unit. every second.
    • next is the
    • 2nd Skill: [Gale Force]
      • Kaja charges in a specified direction, dealing magic damage to enemies in his path.
      • If Kaja encounters a friendly unit while charging, he moves again in their movement direction and provides himself and friendly heroes with a shield and boosts movement speed.
    • and Finally the
    • Ultimate: [Divine Judgement]
      • Kaja pulls and suppresses a target enemy hero. Deals magic damage for 2 seconds.
      • During that time, the enemy heroes magic resistance is reduced.
      • Kaja absorbs the target enemy heroes lost magical resistance for 5 seconds.
  • So what do you think of the new hero are you going to buy or pass muna?
LoL Conquerors Manila
  • And for local esports news
  • Here are the upcoming event highlights for the Globe Conquerors Manila 2018 on August
  • On Day 1
    • Will be the best of 5 semi-finals part 1
    • then a celebrity show match
    • The second part of the semi-final
  • On Day 2
    • They will have the Cosplay Clash
    • Band Performances
    • The finals opening
    • followed by the best of 5 final matches
    • an awarding ceremony
    • and finally another band performances
  • The prices per day are as follows
    • 150 php for the general admission
    • 500 php for upper box
    • and 1000 php for lower box
  • Each tier will have the following freebies like
    • Deep Sea Nami
    • Black Alistar
    • Captain Fortune Shirt
    • LoL lanyard
    • Garena Cap
    • Conqueror Karma
    • Team Spirit Aniva
    • Runes Reforged Jacket
    • and Captain Fortune Mouse Page
  • Take note that the freebies vary per tier and day
  • The Manila Conqueror will have a 250k prize pool and will happen on Aug 18~19 at Mall of Asia Arena
AOV Switch
  • The next closed beta for Arena of Valor on Nintendo Switch will be starting on June 28
  • Players can now sign up for the beta test by completing a survey
  • After the survey, you will have to wait if you get selected
  • The participants chosen will get two full weeks of access from June 28 to July 12 and also receive an exclusive in-game skin of Krixi, one of AoV’s most popular mages
  • The closed beta period will also feature Arena of Valors five on five competitive mode
  • The Nintendo switch version will have an upgraded graphics and visual improvements
  • But take note the beta will only be available for NA and Europe fans according to IGN and Dotesports
Jump Force
  • Bad news to all waiting for a playable Light or Ryuk because its confirmed that the duo only in-game non-playable characters
  • However, One Piece character Zoro and Sasuke from Naruto are confirmed
  • Jump Force is a 3 vs 3 Tag battle fighting game with a 3D plane similar to Naruto Storm games
  • Jump Force will feature characters from popular anime and manga series like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Death Note
  • So expect to play Goku, Frieza, Lufy and more
  • Jump Force is scheduled to be released on 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One
RoS Steam
  • Rules of Survival disappeared on steam
  • Thats right to those who want to purchase the steam version you can't do that right now
  • may kinalaman ba ang PUBG copyright lawsuit? hmmm bakit kaya?
  • Well according to the developers the RoS steam has been archived and won't be available for new players
  • and that they are currently working with steam to put it back asap
  • For existing RoS steam owners the game will still be playable and that game data is safe
  • but is that the real reason? we don't think so
  • It's no secret that the steam version is using a different server and harder to hack but that's not the case
  • because multiple reports have suggested that there are hackers even in the steam version
  • another problem is that the game is not optimized which was admitted by the developers saying “We are aware of some performance issues with the Steam version and are working on optimizations.”
  • So if you compound all of that the game reviews will be negative
  • and if the game review is negative no one will buy the game anymore
  • so this might be the biggest reason why the RoS on steam was removed
  • don't get me wrong we believe this is only temporary
  • how long? well we have no idea


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May 11, 2015
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I recommend the battle spells and here are some techniques for the new hero Kaja:

Of course, when casting this battle spell, you will teleport to the location of an allied turret or minion. One technique after that is to suppress your opponent by triggering Kaja's ultimate skill to temporarily disable the target then drag that targeted opponent under your team's towers (at least 1 of them) for exposure and easy elimination. (This is actually like using Franco's 1st skill to hook an enemy player then drag the target under one of your team's towers then suppress them by Franco's ultimate skill.)

This is a popular battle spell for players to use with. When casting Kaja's ultimate skill, use "Flicker" to drag the targeted opponent further and nearer to your teammates for easy elimination (you can cast the hero's 1st and 2nd skill to easily finish that opponent that has been "crowd controlled" or CCed)

When you cast this battle spell, immediately use Kaja's abilities to attack the opponent right away. (Use this battle spell wisely because it has a very short disable effect for enemy units)

Many players prefer not using this spell "Weaken". But once cast, it will weaken the opponent's movement and his/her physical or magical damage from their skills even basic attacks. While this battle spell is in effect, attack the target right away.

And so that's all for my tips for the new hero Kaja. Please enjoy using that hero when he is launched in the game.

NOTE: If you didn't like these tips for the new hero Kaja, please state your own gameplay on how will you use him in the game which includes as well the recommended battle spell. Comments pertaining to this post might be helpful.