RoS Steam VaC? Mobile Legends August Update, Riot Games New Game?


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about Rules of Survival Steam VaC Update? Mobile Legends August Update, Riot Games New Game? Gatebox virtual waifu, Valve Artifact release date, and Hello Neighbor Android.

Mobile Legends August Update
  • for our first news
  • Here are the upcoming updates for Mobile Legends this August
  • Many of you might have tried this the new mode called Mirror mode where in players in the same squad will have to use the same Hero to battle
  • this mirror mode will be available until August 15
  • On August 7 Mobile Legends will unveil its new Hero called Claude the king of thieves
  • Claude is a Marksman that deals massive DPS with a pet called Dexter (ka ano ano kayo to ni Sun haha), his skills are
    • Battle Side by Side where in Dexter launches an attack with 20% of Claude’s damage
    • Art of Thievery which allows Claude to steal movement speed and gaining attacked speed with a Physical damage
    • Battle Mirror Image, Claude leaves a mirror image of Dexter for 5 seconds that attacks enemies automatically
    • and finally, Blazing Duet where Claude and Dexter unleash a barrage of attack dealing continuous damage for 3 seconds
  • And then after the mirror mode event, the Survival mode will be back at August 17
  • to those know its the Mobile Legends battle royal mode
  • the Survival Mode will have some tweaks improvements as well for example
  • the creeps hp changed to make them more challenging to kill in the late game
  • Lord will also be a little bit harder to kill
  • then for lone wolf players or the sole surviving players, they will now have two extra skill called detonate and take aim
  • this re just some of the upcoming tweaks for patch 1.2.96
  • but wait there's more on August 18 you will be able to play all heroes for free with double EXP bonus

Gatebox virtual assistant
  • For our tech news
  • Do you want a virtual waifu on your house?
  • Now you can
  • because Japan's Anime Girl Virtual Assistant Enters Mass Production
  • the Gatebox virtual assistant will have dual mics, face recognition, and motion sensors
  • according the Gatebox the make of the virtual assistant the new mass production model will cost 1,399 usd
  • manligaw ka nalang ng totoong tao bak maka mura kapa

Valve Artifact

  • Valve's new Dota 2 card game, Artifact, will be releasing on Nov. 28
  • The game will be priced at Steam for $20
  • and will be playable on PC, Mac, and Linux systems
  • To those who don't know Artifact is being created by former Magic the gathering developers
  • and that the game is designed for Dota 2 and Trading card enthusiast

Riot Games

  • Is riot games releasing a new game?
  • According to its co founder Marc Merril, Riot Games is planning on releasing new titles every 10 years
  • to those who don't know Riot Games released League of Legends back in 2009 so if you do a quick math 10 years is almost upon us
  • Based from the statement the Riot Games is working on new titles to appeal niche audiences
  • so its highly doubtful that they will release League of Legends 2 or LoL Mobile since there is already AoV which is owned by Tencent the parent company of Riot Games
  • However a few weeks back Riot Games co-founder Marc Merrill joked about a LoL MMO
  • and that is not a bad idea
  • So what do you think do you want a League of Legends themed MMO or maybe they will make a hero shooter like Overwatch
  • For your speculations comment them below as we want to know what other LoL themed games riot should make

Hello Neighbor
  • The stealth survival game Hello Neighbor is now available on Android
  • Hello Neighbor was initially released on PC, Xbox, and PS4
  • the gameplay is similar to games like granny as you break into the neighbors home solve a series puzzles and gather items to unlock and access his basement
  • What makes the game unique is that games AI learns from the players past actions
  • this basically means that you can repeat pas actions or patterns
  • So if you are interested the game is free to download on android play store

RoS Steam VaC update
  • The steam version of Rules of Survival might be getting the Valve’s Anti-Cheat System or VAC
  • This was announced on the latest RoS Update highlight for last week
  • Based from their statement the RoS dev team is working on the possibility of VAC being implemented on their game
  • What does this mean?
  • The RoS on steam version will be assisted by VaC to prevent possible cheating, take note that this is not a 100% prevention
  • but its a right step forward, if only they had this from the start
  • So what is VaC and what does it do?
  • Vac is an automated system which is designed to detect cheats installed on users computers
  • This covers third party softwares and modifications to the games core file and libraries
  • Something to take to note is if you received a VAC penalty is that its permanent and cannot be removed
  • even if you appeal to the steam support, finish na
  • So when this happens you won't be able to play Rules of Survival on Steam
  • Sadly this will be implemented on the Steam version so it wont affect the current PC version incase they implemented it
  • so tiis tiis muna kayo sa mga cheater
  • Also, according to the RoS team
  • a time frame has not been mentioned and this might take some time due to the approval process