RoS Tips For Beginners


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May 11, 2015
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Tips For Beginners helpful for SOLO//DUO//SQUAD//FIRETEAM

a. Do not attack unless you have the right position [high ground, fence, building, trees, grass and bush]
b. Do not attack unless you are told to do so.
c. Engage when you are the compromise

* Always check your surroundings. If you see enemy report ahead to your team by tango. [no. 6 to help you out]
* In solo mode you have right to do.

2. Take a scope (x4 - For close combat [In 300M range, x8 - For long-range Combat [300-500M])
*Single Bullet / Crouch must be effective in reducing Recoil.

3. If night use flash hider, smoke hider, even silencer, effective in close range fight.

4. Always share what you have. (Always have the right amount of medkit, first aid even bondage.

5. Effective if you have SMG Silencer, Rifle Silencer, and SR Silencer. It would be hard for the enemy to see your position.

6. Another thing was TANGO and resources here.
Hold Ctrl then Enter, use your mouse. Then unhold ctrl.

For Soloist (FireTeam)
- we do more loot than helping the team until we have the right weaponry we will back up them.

For Shopmates(computer shop)
- they do like more soloist later gathers to the team.

- They always say there's an enemy in (south) direction. In the tree (what if there's a lot of trees.)
What if the team was not in the same post. LOL. TANGO

For Platinum Up. TOLD YOU, we do only invite high tier because they are a lot more experience than you are.

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