Rose Gold Meteor Indepth Item Review


Hardcore Gamer
Apr 22, 2019
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Item Costs $2270

+60 Physical Attack
+30 Magical Defense
+5% Physical Lifesteal

Unique Passive- Lifeline:
Once the hero's HP falls under 30%,they generate a shield that absorbs 510-1350 points of damage (increases with level) that lasts for 3 seconds. CD is 40 seconds.

For me, this item is overpriced. It doesn't offer much. 60 physical attack is the same as Malefic Roar which is cheaper. 30 Magical Defense is also low because Athena's Shield gives 56 Magical Defense and shield every 30 seconds. Athena's Shield is just 2050 which is 220 golds cheaper (equivalent to a kill). 5% Physical Lifesteal is also a very small stat increase.

I know that other players agree with me since they also prefer building Athena's Shield rather than Rose Gold Meteor for Magical Resistance.

Other info:

4th most expensive attack item
(BoD, EB, BF)

Only attack item with Magic Resistance

Lowest physical lifesteal item
(Haas' Claws - 20%
Endless Battle - 15%)

6th lowest out of 16 attack items (tie with Malefic Roar)

This item is commonly built and only built for Marksman. Fighters absorbs damage better with Athena's Shield.

This is simply a Sustain Item which, arguably, is replaceable with other cheaper and better items.

What do you think about this item?
Do you still use this item?
In what situation do you think this item works the best?