ROX 1st Anniversary Pop-up Carnival FAQ - Philippines

Routine Activities during June 18th - July 2nd​


1. When will ROX 1st Anniversary Pop-up Carnival in Philippines be held?

9am to 7pm, from June 18, 2022 to July 2, 2022

2. Where will ROX 1st Anniversary Carnival in Philippines be held?

Almusal Cafe: The Pop Up, 273 Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila, Philippines

3. How can I get to the restaurant via public transportation?

  • 1.By Train
    • Take the LRT-2 Train.
    • Drop off at LRT-2 Katipunan Station and exit at the North Gate near St. Bridget School.
    • 6 minute walk to Pop Up Katipunan in Katipunan Avenue
    • Look for Almusal Cafe inside Pop Up Katipunan
  • 2.By Jeepney
    • UP Campus / Quezon City Jeepneys that pass by Katipunan Avenue:
      • Drop off at the Pop Up Katipunan.
      • Look for Almusal Cafe inside Pop Up Katipunan
  • b.Cubao-Marikina Jeepneys that cross Katipunan Avenue:
    • Drop off at Katipunan Avenue and Aurora Boulevard intersection
    • 6 minute walk to Pop Up Katipunan in Katipunan Avenue
    • Look for Almusal Cafe inside Pop Up Katipunan
4. Do I need to make an appointment to enter the store and participate in the event? What should I pay attention to?
  • Open all day during business hours (9am to 7pm) from June 18th to July 2nd, no reservation is required. Adventurers are welcome to walk-in to the store to participate in regular activities at any time.
  • For 618 birthday party and guild gathering, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance. Appointments can not be done through the store or by any other means. Please refer to the appointment method below~
  • According to the current local epidemic prevention rules: all customers need to be fully vaccinated to enter the venue. Customers are required to show proof of vaccination when entering the venue. Masks must be worn in the restaurant. The epidemic prevention rules will be adjusted according to the local situation in Philippines, subject to the Philippine government. Staff will be entitled to restrict access to those who will fail to comply.
5. What activities can I participate in during the ROX 1st Anniversary Pop-up Carnival?
  • Activities: There are five interactive sessions for you to participate in and there are a number of surprises as well in store~
  • ROX Set Meal: Buy a customized ROX set meal, just come to the store and have a taste!
6. How do I purchase the ROX Set Meal and are there any freebies?

The meals for the event are packaged in special Set Meals. Everyone can buy a set meal and there is no limit on how much you want to purchase.

For those who dine in or take out the "ROX 1st Anniversary" Set Meal, there will be 2 additional postcards (one from the ROX Anniversary series and the other from the ROX x Attack on Titan series) and customized stickers and decorations to be given out as well. All postcards, stickers, and decorations will be given out at random and until supplies last on a first come first serve basis.

In addition, due to the differences in the production process of various countries, the materials of the gifts may have differences in quality. Actual product may vary.

7. Can I cosplay when coming to the restaurant?

Yes, we would be very delighted for you to come in cosplay! We encourage others to do the same. You can also choose to wear clothes that are in the shades of Poring Pink and Little Devil Purple. There will be cosplayers in the event you can interact with. Don't forget to share your photos in your cosplay or with other cosplayers in social media. More gifts and surprises await you!~

8. What should I do if I have other questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us through ROX official channels for further assistance

Special Events: Anniversary Party - 6/18​

Adventurers are welcome to come with friends and spend this meaningful first anniversary of ROX together~

1. What activities will be held on the anniversary night on 6/18?
  • Souvenir package: Register your ROX ID at the birthday party and you will receive a Poring cake and a mysterious souvenir (limited quantities, first come first served basis)
  • Party game: There will be a cake blown to celebrate ROX's birthday. Aside from that, games will happen during the program. The event will also livestream on Facebook so everyone are welcome to celebrate ROX's birthday together~
  • Birthday party lottery: There will be a lucky draw at the end of the night where gifts such as ROX limited edition items, Razer point cards, etc. will be given out. All registered guests will be eligible in the raffle. Winners may contact the staff for these prizes after the birthday celebration party.
2. When will the anniversary party on the night of 6/18 start?

The birthday party will officially starts at 5 PM and will last for 2.5 hours.

At 4:30PM, registration will open on-site(information to be logged in are Name/UID/Time of arrival).The first 50 adventurers who register will receive 5 USD Razer Gold (issued in the form of redemption barcodes). All adventurers who registered will be included in the birthday party lottery. All these items will be given out during the party.

Winners may contact the on-site staff to collect the prizes after the birthday celebration party.

3. How can I participate in the birthday celebration on 6/18?

ROX 6/18 birthday party is open to everyone. However, for a better experience, adventurers are advised to make an appointment in advance, please log in to the official appointment website: Appointments can only be done through this link and not through the store or any other means. Appointments will still be subject for approvals and confirmations. Confirmation must be presented on-site for appointments to be acknowledged. Failure to arrive on time will forfeit your appointment.

It is recommended to arrive before 5 pm and the capacity the store allows will follow the government's epidemic prevention regulations. While enjoying the birthday activities, adventurers are advised to abide by the epidemic prevention policy and take care of their health~

Special Events: Guild Gathering 6/19-7/2​

1. I want to join the party with guild members. How do I make an appointment

During this event, adventurers are welcome to team up and come to the store for the activities! Please log in through the official reservation address:, and complete the questionnaire before 12:00 p.m. on June 17. The available slots for reservation is a subject for approval and will depend on the availability of the store. An email notification will be sent if the reservation is successful. Reservations are not acknowledged without this email confirmation. Reservations can not be done on-site during the event, through the store, or any other means.

2. How can I sign in for a guild gathering and what kinds of benefits can I get?

Please show the email confirmation when you show up to the restaurant (reservations without proof of confirmation will not be acknowledged), arrive on time (reservation will be forfeited if guests fail to arrive 15 minutes after the call time). The staff will guide the Guild party to their area and players can get freebies, drinks, and limited edition ROX gifts. They are also encouraged to take group photos during the event.~

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