RoX Glast Heim Returning Players Event

Glast Heim update is approaching.. It's time to call back all your lost buddies and win Bonus Razer Gold USD 5 in the ROX×Razer giveaway! Join the GH Returning Players event, invite your friends, and win great rewards


Rewards List
  • Bonus Razer Gold USD 5
  • Glimpse of the Glast Heim Chat Frame / Chat Frame / Side Bar (15 Days)
  • "Returning Veteran" Title / "Distinguished Guest" Title
  • Plai Kaew Elephant (15 Days)
  • 3 Shadow Equipment Basic Selection Packs
  • 3 Enchant Optional Packs IV
  • 3 Refine Optional Packs II
  • X Odin's Reliquary
  • Regal Feathered Hat
Task Info
  • Login Gift: Login each day to obtain
  • Top Up Gift: Top up any amount to obtain (in-game or on the website only)
  • Odin Gift: Use Odin each day to earn a rebate
  • Party Gift: Reach 2/3/4 members in your Returning Party to obtain. Receive an Exclusive Glast Heim Avatar Frame + Chat Frame + Side Bar!
  • Level Up Gift: Increase your Base Level to get Bonus Razer Gold USD 5/a limited mount/rare item packs
Event Rules

1. The event time is: Nov 19th 12:00 - Nov 30th 23:59 (GMT+7). Reward collection for returning parties ends on Dec 5th 23:59 (GMT+7). Pre-register rewards will be sent to the character's mail within 7 days after the end of the event; If the returning party event reward is not claimed within the specified time, it will be deemed as forfeit, and not re-issued.

2. Only 1 character from 1 account can participate in this event. Players must login and select a character to be able to collect pre-registration rewards. The selected character cannot be changed.

3. Players can choose to create their own party/join a friend's party to participate in this event. Once you create/join a party, you will not be able to exit/dissolve the party.

4. If you choose to join your Friend’s Party, you will become a “Member”. In order to be a "Member", you'll need to have a character created earlier than 00:00 on November 11, 2021, your character's Base level is lv.28 or above, and you have not logged into the game between 00:00 on November 11 and 24:00 on November 18; If you choose to create your own Return Party, you will be the “Leader”. To be a “Leader”, your character must have been created earlier than 00:00 on November 11, 2021, your character Base level must be Lv.35 or above, and you have logged into the game at least once between 00:00 on November 11 and 24:00 on November 18;

5. If your character Base level is below Lv.28, you can’t participate in this event. Keep increasing your level during the event and then come participate! If your character Base level has reached Lv.79 or above, you will have autocompleted [Level-up Gift - Task 2] whether you join a Return Party as a Leader or a Member.

6. The maximum number of members per party is 4 people (1 leader + 3 members). Copy the invitation code to invite qualified friends to join the party. If the party is full, all players in the party will get the corresponding rewards.

7. During the event period, after creating/joining a party, members/leaders can complete quests, such as: Daily login, top up any amount, using Odin's Blessing, leveling up etc, to get various exclusive rewards for this event.

8. All members of the first 3000 Parties who complete the [Level Up Reward Task 2- Task Reaches 3 People] that tap the "Claim" button will be able to get a [Bonus Razer Gold USD 5] gift card reward. The list of winners will be announced on the ROX website after the event ends. Reward gift cards will be sent via mail to the player character within 7 working days after the event ends.

9. Reward items cannot be transferred or exchanged for currency. ROX holds final interpreting rights to the event.

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