RoX Mage / Wizard Skill Selection and Stat Point Recommendation


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Nov 4, 2018
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Class Selection & Skill Selection & Stat Point Recommendation

Class: Mage / Wizard

“Wizards are powerful offensive magic users. They rely on dangerous magic strikes as well as devastating Area of Effect spells to wreak havoc.” - iRO Wiki

I played briefly in Taiwan server and chose this job because of the floating animations while casting spells, it was really nice, and I will be playing as a Wizard with our Guild during OBT as well.

That said, I have tested this job in ROX Next Gen for about a month now and here are my recommendations:

  • INT - Max
  • DEX - after maxing INT
  • VIT - 3rd priority
Don’t overthink this. As a Wizard, max out your damage with INT, then aim for No Cast with DEX afterwards. That’s how I have played Wizard in Ragnarok Online my whole life.

VIT is viable for PVP and GvG, but I would rely more on equips for defense especially during the early and mid game.

Do note though that you can also rely on equips to achieve Fast/No Cast, which is why maxing INT is the only thing you need to worry about in the beginning.

  • MAGE
  • Soul Strike - 3
  • Fireball - 5
  • Firewall - 10
  • Zen Mind (English Patch) - 5
  • Cold Bolt - 5
  • Frost Diver - 5
Starting out as a Mage, Soul Strike 3 and Firewall 10 are the only things you will be needing until you become a Wizard at Job Lv 50.

The other skills listed are just pre-requisites for Wizard skills that you will be needing after Job Change

Job Change is only available at Job Level 50. You’ll notice that there are only 33 skill points allocated in my recommendation. In Taiwan server, you don’t need to use all skill points before job change, hopefully it will be the same during Sea OBT.

  • Storm Gust
  • Jupitel Thunder
  • Lord of Vermillion
  • Napalm Beat - 5
  • Sucking (English Patch) - 10
  • Fire Pillar - 5
  • Ignite (English Patch) - 5
As a Wizard, the priority is to get Storm Gust and Lord of Vermillion asap for faster / better AFK Grind, Dungeon Instances and Endless Tower. I did not put a skill level on Storm Gust and Lord of Vermillion because from here on out, the skill level you will be using will depend on the Vigor / Haste Equips you have and how fast your casting is.

The other skills are pre-requisites for High Wizard skills.

  • I’m still testing this, but here are some notables magic skills I have been using: Meteor Storm Lv 5 and Chain Lightning Lv 10 for PVE (Meteor Storm has really slow casting time even with Vigor / Haste equips). Napalm Vulcan for MVP (Old RO requires AoE for crowd control during MVP Hunts, that is not the case here, single target proved to be better so as to avoid being mobbed by other targets). Gravity Field for PVP.
  • Same logic applies, adjust your skill levels according to Vigor / Haste and Casting Time.
These are all just recommendations, and I am just a one-month player of ROX, but I hope these could be helpful for those starting out as a Mage in OBT.

English-patched Taiwan server uses different names and terminologies, so I used Old Ragnarok Online terms for easier understanding.

Note: I'm compiling all the guide I can find for Ragnarok Next Generation, for this guide credtis to Lzm Rox

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