RoX Mentor-Student Activity Season 2

Ragnarok Next Generations Mentor-Student Activity! Complete the following Mentor-Student Tasks and receive plenty of EXP and many other rewards!



Common Task: Establish a Mentor-Student relationship in the game
  • Reward for Student: 5 million BASE + JOB EXP
  • Reward for Mentor: 200 Odin's Blessing + Refine Selection Pack*1
Student's Task: Student reaches Grade 3
  • Rewards: 5 million BASE + JOB EXP
Mentor's task: Increase Mentor Points by 3000
  • Rewards: Advanced Shadow Material Selection Pack*1 + Odin's Resplendent Reliquary*5
  1. The name list for this event will be broadcast once a week, and the rewards will be distributed to the participants at the end of the event.
  2. If the use of improper/illegal means to participate in the activity is found, the official has the right to cancel the qualification of the Adventurer and all related accounts.
  3. Players who have already established an existing Mentor-Student relationship are not able to participate.
  4. Students and Mentors will be rewarded respectively.
  5. Each Mentor can only register one student ID. Please fill out the form carefully.
  6. Rewards will be distributed from Dec 10th - Dec 17th, 23:59(GMT+) through the in-game mail.
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