ROX Participate in out-of-game activities to win iPhone Pro Max

An installment to the Ragnarok Online (RO) mobile game franchise, Ragnarok X: Next Generation (ROX), will be collaborated with the world-famous Japanese animation "Ultraman"! Once again, players will be facing brand-new content and amazing events! You can click the link [] or scan the following QR code


In addition to exciting game content, we have also prepared many exciting events. 100% sure get a prize! More chances to get an iPhone 14 pro max

Activity 1: Show off your good luck in the official FB group release:

Post a screenshot of when you won Prize B or more in the official group, and add RoleID + #ultramanroxcollab to your post

FB group link:

100% of all participating players will get 100% Scary laughter (7 days) and will take part in an out-of-game surprise draw! Here is a collection of gifts from us:


Activity 2: February 18 live release Ultraman's new chat bubble emoji feature!

It's a wonderful lottery! Whether in-game or out-of-game waiting for you to join!


Publishers or Game Developers can send their press release on our site, simply follow the guide here:

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