RoX Ragnarok Guide for Equipment Gain/Recommend/Upgrade/Refine/Ascend/Enchant


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Nov 4, 2018
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Good day & Salamat Po! I will share with you the crucial detail which allow you to spend in wise way! I hope below TIPS guide you to the rainbow way!!

1)Weapon- White,Blue,Gold

Tips-F2P player you may stick to White weapon because SET EFFECT quite amazing especially LVL40 & LVL50 SET effect. You may focus Upgrade/Refine/Strengthen/Ascend.
If you are low to medium spender we recommended early game BLUE weapon and late GAME if you lucky enough can go for GOLD Weapon.
2)Equipment & Others-White,Blue,Purple,Gold
Tips: F2P as mentioned above, however you can acquire purple equipment via CLAN shop (PVP PURPOSE).
I will use SINX as example
You may refer my appendix picture. For upgrade is pretty normal and so far my upgrade level for CAPE is LVL 70. Stat example you can see provide +475 physical def and HP +19200.
You may refer my appendix, Lvl 4 refine provide max hp +24% and def +20% (Please take note refine is the most expensive and provide the finest effect)
You may refer my appendix, 3 stat can be obtain, Enchant can be done in selected CITY
Based on my 03 STAT, focus all enchanted in PRONTERA which mean all go for STR.
MORROC more to +critical chance, and there is 02 other CITY… However as per guide was ALL mostly GO FOR PRONTERA. Late Game go for Morroc OR GEFFEN
-Please take note each CITY provide different enchant stat!!!
-Stats you acquire via enchant are random

-You may enchant same slot multiple time.
My stat all prontera as appendix

Lvl10=Str +20
*Please take note if you get higher level, please keep it and roll again until your prefer stat

Weapon refine Summary
Blue Weapon+4 Effect equal to White Weapon+6,But blue weapon+1~+4 material needed is 1/3 material of white weapon when go for +5~+6
Conclude 1 : White Weapon+4 so far very worth and reasonable. However if +5 material we need equal to blue weapon +1 To +4
White Weapon Refine Summary:
+1+2,6 Oridecon
+3+4,12 Oridecon
+5+6,6 Enhanced Oridecon
Blue Weapon Refine Summary:
+1+2,12 Oridecon
+3+4,24 Oridecon
+5+6,12 Enhanced Oridecon
Refine Rate:
*Please take note when white equipment convert blue/purple/gold other stat can convert however REFINE will not converted.(ONLY WHEN WHITE TO WHITE/ BLUE TO BLUE)
*Also remember for example short bow DO NOT allow convert all stat to long bow. Same goes to other weapon

Weapon Recommendation
Merchant->Blacksmith->Godsmith= Double handed axe and single axe with shield
Theif->Sin->Sinx= Based on my experience, there is 03 META in RO, First is double dagger which allow you to create burst damage and plenty slot of card to insert. Secondly Famous Katar build which allow maximum critical. Lastly skill assassin which focus Poison and mind blowing. Current META Double dager->Katar->skill sinx
Swodman->Knight->L.Knight=Spear knight and Critical knight (Sword) were the current META in TAIWAN server
Mage->Wiz->H.Wiz= All H.Wiz @ current server only use Double handed Staff which given high burst of magic att.
Archer->Hunter->Sniper=Long bow->short bow

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Nov 4, 2018
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Guide for Equipment Gain/Recommend/Upgrade/Refine/Ascend/Enchant
To make it easier to understand i be explaining in points .
At the start follow through the main quests it will provide you with the basic equipments to start you jouney with. Now what u need to know is if you gonna F2P then better focus on white equipments as upgrading/refine/strnghthen higher grade gears will cost a lot or it will take too much of your time so (ps- white gears r not bad as its much easier to improve than other grades ) Also u can get purple equipments from guild by using guild coins that u get from completing guild orders(here if u wana be quick to get the purple equips use crystal to submit order u get more guild coins that way -> recommended only for spenders) About gold equipments only way to get it is either u too lucky or a big whale.
You can get white gears from daily instances (recommend doing with team as u can swap ur class equips what u need from other team members if they got that as drop).
For more info about what equipments u can equip and what card to put on them check recommend section in bag below ur eqipments that will give u a brief info about which one u can equip depending on your level and class.
To upgrade an equipment in the beginning u need Strengthening Metal, that u can get from mining in coal mine, please note that u can upgrade weapon ->60 armour->30 accessory->15. after some upgrades u need to smelt to upgrade , that need mining and fishing . upgrading is easiest and got the highest chance of success so try upgrading as much as can .
Refining is best way to improve stats, and yet most likely to fail.Getting to +2 have almost 100% success rate , getting to +4 is most like possible if lucky , over that u need gods blessing to get success. The materials u can get from mining and smelting .( Please note that as the success rate of higher refines is very low , so be prepared for failures….best is to make do with +4 and sell ur extra mats if u gonna F2P -> its is a way to earn crystal )
Enchant gives u bonus stats . The materials for enchant u can get from gardening and mining . What the first thing you should do to farm is plants, because plants don't have rng, unlike in mining there is a chance to get the mats you desired not 100% rate that u get or there is also chance to get other stuffs that u don’t need.
Also the stats u get is totally random , and different cities can provide different …(please note different cities do have different stats but its still random so all on luck what u get)
5. Ascend/Awaken
you can Ascend/Awaken your equipment by collecting specific materials (mostly from Mining and Smelting). You can Ascend your equipment from I to VI for White Equipment. For Blue Equipment, its kinda different since you will be upgrading your Level 30 Blue Set to Level 40 Blue set, materials can be obtained on Daily Instances.(Please note that ascending blue is already very hard so can just imagine what will be the case for purple and yellow unless u ready to whale thr -> recommendation …its totally not needed u can just keep white equips and if ready spend a bit can go for blue) this will help u getting strong in beginning .
To conclude i would say those who wana f2p can utilize the market on early launch period and sell the extra mats or fishes that will help u earn crystals , though do take note that only if u got time to do extra work collecting mats for urself .(please note that this point is for the ones who gonna F2P as this way u can utilize the market rush and gain profit)

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Nov 4, 2018
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Guide for Equipment Gain/Recommend/Upgrade/Refine/Ascend/Enchant
Below are tips and tricks on the different types of equipment in Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

Rarity: White, Blue, Gold

An option for free to play players is to stick to white weapons. This is because the set effect from equipping a full set of white weapons is really amazing. This goes extra for level 40 and level 50 sets. Instead of focussing on the weapon rarity, you may choose to instead focus on upgrading, refining, strengthening, and ascending your weapons.

For paid users, it recommended to strive for blue weapons in the early game and gold weapons in the late game.

Armor and Accessories
Rarity: White, Blue, Purple, Gold
An option for free to play players is also to stick to white equipment. However, purple equipment can be accessed through the clan shop for player v player (PVP) purposes.

All equipment can be upgraded. This is done by reaching the requirements on the specific NPC. Another way is to do it through fishing and mining the materials and smelting them based on the life skills recommended on each particular piece of equipment.

Players can also test their luck by refining their equipment. This will give players a huge increase in stats. However, it is not a guaranteed boost. There is a probability of success that starts from 100% at +1 all the way to 25% at +6.
Success Rates
+1 - 100%
+2 - 50%
+3 - 33%
+4 - 25%
+5 - 25%
+6 - 25%

Items required for refinement include Oridecon, Elunium, and Bradium. The amount needed depends on what level the item is.

For enchantment, it is recommended to focus on mining and gathering life skills. For each piece of equipment, there are 3 available enchanting slots. Each city has its own enchanting effect. This can be viewed from the respective enchantment NPC in the city. Each enchantment value is random per city enchantment effect. Therefore, choose your stats wisely before going through with it.

You can only transfer enchantment and refinement of equipment to another same type of equipment. For example, the stats of a white one handed staff can be transferred to another blue one handed staff.

You can only transfer the upgrade of equipment to another same type and grade of equipment. For example, the stats of a blue one handed staff can only be transferred to another blue one handed staff.

General Tips
When starting out, you should consider carefully if it is a better choice to use or sell materials. This is because the prices of materials are usually higher during the first week of the game as there is high demand. Therefore, you can gain a higher amount of profit to help you later in the game. On the other hand, you can also use your material to get further in the game to reach further areas earlier.

Although the equipment system may seem a bit complicated when just starting out, you will soon get used to it and enjoy the game a great amount more.

ctto Ryan Lim Yanle

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