RoX Returning Adventure

Guild of Guardians
Welcome back, Adventurers! It's been a while since we travelled together in Midgard! Are you worried about the EXP you've lost during your vacation? Come and participate in the Returning Players event to gain them back and resume your journey!


Event details
  1. Adventurers that return to the game between Nov 25th, 13:00 to Dec 10nd, 23:59 and complete the 7-days login will receive rewards and additional 8M BASE + JOB EXP. (Exclude new server)
  2. Participants must register here:
  3. 3.The name list for this event will be broadcast once a week.
  4. If the use of improper/illegal means to participate in the activity is found, the official has the right to cancel the qualification of the Adventurer and all related accounts.
  5. Rewards will be distributed to all qualifiers from Dec 10th - Dec 17th through the in-game mail.
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