RoX Stats Points recommendation guide for Acolyte/Priest


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Nov 4, 2018
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Priest are supports but also powerful as a magic user. They rely on Sanctuary as a dps/heal and Turn Undead for burst damage.
This is the usual build you go for priest in ROX.
The only basic stat you need is INT Why?
1. You get your damage from int which gives magic attack.
2. You don’t need dex for casting time as items give more reduce casting time.
3. Do I need vit? Yes and No. If you want to build a tank type then yes but if not then no. Your armors are enough to give you the hp you need.
4. It is best to use 2 handed book in early as it gives u a lot of vigor and you can focus on matk on accessory. 1 handed staff is hard because of vigor but in lategame you can have vigor you need from Gold Grade Talisman.
5. If you find your skills cast take too long i suggest using 2 handed book but the difference of having 2 handed weapon makes you squishy because you couldn't equips shields. 2 handed book gives you a lot of Vigor and final Vigor when refined, While 1 hand staff gives less M.ATK but gives more Magic Damage Penetration but combined with a shield it can boost your Max HP a lot and the Magic Damage Bonus compensates the lack of M.ATK handed wands gives.
PVM And Leveling
Priest are also great for leveling for me with or without having party members although it is only limited to undead or demon type monster. Turn Undead have a chance to 1hit KO a undead mob depends on your int, luk and skill level.
Priest are full support in MVP although they can deal some damage but they usually heal and resurrect their teammates so they can focus on dealing a lot of damage.
Endless Tower
Priest are always needed for full support role even on endless tower. Endless tower keep you from using hp potions and reduce your hp regen by a lot. On lower levels you can’t heal your teammates because of the curse, but after you buy angelings blessing on floor 21 it will reduce the curse and you can heal your teammates.
PvP KvM and WOE Priest
In PvP, Priest are usually using 1 handed staff and shield for a tanky priest but they can still deal a lot of damage same with KVM and WOE the difference is that u have teammates that can help u damage and you can focus on healing, buffs, and status.
I would like to make different builds and Equipment included in guide but it would take the guide long enough to read so maybe next time.
This is just my opinion; if I'm wrong, please correct me. I've only been playing Ragnarok X on the TW server for almost three weeks, so please take my article with a grain of salt.

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