RoX Why should you do all your Chamber of Commerce (CoC) Missions on Sunday?


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Nov 4, 2018
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[Guide] Why should you do all your Chamber of Commerce (CoC) Missions on Sunday?

Its because the experience you gain from Chamber of Commerce Missions is relative to your base level. The higher your base level is the more Base, JP exp and Zeny rewards you get from the missions.

Base level 25 rewards:
Base exp: 25,000
Job exp: 25,000
Zeny: 2,808
Token: 1
Base level 42 rewards:
Base exp: 32,500
Job exp: 32,500
Zeny: 3,067
Token: 1
Base level 43 rewards:
Base exp: 35,000
Job exp: 35,000
Zeny: 3,088
Token: 1
Also note that unlike other daily missions, CoC missions don't reset daily. They reset every Monday. So you can actually stack your Missions CoC. So what you need to do to maximize your exp gains is to skip all your daily CoC missions and do them all on Sunday that way you relatively gain more experience.

I hope this mini-guide helps
and would finally dispells all these misconception and myth about double exp gains on CoC on Sundays.

Edit: "The experience requirement you need increase as you level up, so why bother doing this?"
I added the base experience needed to level up from 25-50. The chart is static, meaning the overall total experience needed to level up from 25-50 is the same if you do it now than you do it later. From level 25-50 you need 10,135,000 base exp. That number does not change, so if you do CoC quest daily you will have less exp and you will reach that number slower than if you do it on Sunday.

Edit2: "If i skip do I lose out on getting the coins?"
No, if you skip all the daily CoC till Sunday you will be able to do all the missions. 10 missions per day for 7 days so thats 70 total missions = 70 coins.

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