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Nov 4, 2018
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Hi Guys, I would like to share my Wizard life and suggestions based on my experiences.

Well, I have been playing Ragnarok Online for a pretty long time now, and have gone through quite a number of things while playing. I've transcended, met great people, and have gone through A LOT of things while playing. Simply said, Ragnarok Online is a great game, and continues to be to this day. I got the idea to make this FAQ simply because there were a lot of FAQs here that could not help me in my needy times when I was Mage and Wizard. Not to mention,a lot of people don't like to play Wizards anymore since people keep cryingthat we're nerfed and gimped, since MDEF is do much easier to get now, andwe have no way of bypasing or piercing MDEF. So therefore, I had to work completely on my own and hope I didn't mess up. Thankfully, I think I did a very good job building my High Wizard, and now I created this FAQ simply to help others who may be in need with certain Mage and Wizard times.
Usually I go for PVP build than PVE on my Wizard since PVP guild is good enough to be used on PVE because wizard's role is to clean all mobs fast especially in ET dungeons or other raid dungeons.
Equipment build
• I gotta be straight, dont go pure GLASS CANNON in PVP or Guild wars. Balance your items and cards. Max out upgrades,refines,enchants.
• In addition, many suggests that early game better use 1 Hand staff + Shield (More survivability + more Enchant/enhance/refine/strengthen but means more power in your character). You can use also 2 handed staff but i suggest its better in late game together with cards on it.
• Get your HP and reductions thru Cards,Tier, refine , Enhance (Armor, Cape, Shoes, Shield)
Stat build > Full INT , Dex for casting and Vit for survivability.
(tips: While you improve your damage, dont forget your armors also since it will boost your DEFENSE and HP)
Skills :
•Firebolt, cold bolt, lightning bolt must be lvl 5 only for no casting and spammable.
• LOV, SG , Jupitel thunder, Chain lightning must be max coz they give a lot of damage + aoe (except jupitel)
•Max out passives such as : Zen mind , Energy Jacket, Sucking and Magic boost) = more M.dmg + dmg reduction
• Max Fire wall (dont forget) both PVE and PVP is a must!!!
•And under Skills > Settings > Custom Skills - You can combine skill in 1 skill slot to save more skill slots
•Tips on Guild war > Just simple, PRE-CAST near the portal / near the emp or depends on your role. Since Wizard has a lot of skills and is very powerful in pvp/pve.
•Tips on PVP > if party vs party , always stick to priest and never go solo since you will be the target but if you have high survavibility then it will be hard for the enemy to kill you

• How the Mage/Wizard/High Wizard Stats work
There are two stats that directly effect a mage or wizards capabilities:
• Int and Dex. In addition to this, many wizards will acquire one of the defensive stats: Vit. By far the most common wizard build is to bring your int to max, followed by dex for reducing cast time. I think at least 95% of wizards are following that route. This requires you to not put points anywhere else like str,luk,agi(not a single point).
•The primary mage/wizard stat... int is all powerful. There is nothing a mage/wizard does that s/he does not do better with more int.
You can also experiment like most of us do to get your best build against everything that you encountered.

ctto CJ Tabanao

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