RRQ and Omega Neos early secured their slots for MDL-PH Season 3 Playoffs

Guild of Guardians
The third season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Development League (MDL) Philippines is about to finish off its regular season in the upcoming week. After Week 5, there are already two teams that secured their slots for the Playoffs. The MDL-PH Season 3 regular season format is a single round-robin best-of-3 as the ten teams battle for playoff position. Only six teams will advance to the playoffs so the remaining teams need to contest for the last four slots during the last week of the regular season which is Week 6.


RRQ Kaito is the current top seed which remained undefeated in the first 5 weeks of the regular season. They are currently 8-0 which means they only have one series left and already have 21 points so they secured the first seed too already. The second seed is Omega Neos which has 16 points and a match record of 5-3. They also only have one series left but they already secured a playoff spot because even if they get no points in week 6, other teams can’t knock them out of the top six. For the remaining eight teams, only MNNA is out of contention as they only have 2 points all throughout the first 5 weeks with 2 remaining matches. In order to remain in contention, teams need at least 6 points so the current 9th seed, GLAD which has 7 points and 2 matches left, still has a chance to get to the playoffs.


MDL-PH Season 3 will continue with the last week of the regular season, Week 6, on April 23, 2024 until April 25, 2024. It is also expected that the tournament will announce the playoffs bracket and schedule after the regular season. There might be another playoff format this season so watch out for the announcements of MDL-PH in their official social media accounts.

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