RRQ Hoshi announced its roster for MPL ID Season 13 with three Filipino Imports

Indonesian MLBB team RRQ Hoshi finally revealed its official roster for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 13, featuring three imports from the Philippines.


On January 11, 2024, Team RRQ announced its newest and improved roster via YouTube video on their official YouTube account. Along with the three Filipino imports, RRQ’s MDL duo will be participating in MPL ID season 13.

Captioned as “Here are the players and coaching staff who will carry the RRQ flag in the thirteenth season of Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID)," it revealed the former jungle of RSG PH John “Irrad” Abarquez and Minana EVOS’ roamer Borris “Brusko” Parro as its newest recruits.

They will be joined by RRQ Sena’s formidable duo Ramadhoni “Donn” and Muhamad “Octa” Maulana, who are now ready to showcase their talent on the MPL stage after participating in the Developmental League of Mobile Legends.

An additional player from MDL to step on the MPL stage is Safril “Bunnyqt '', a gold laner from the MPL ID Season 8 champion team, Bossque.

After weeks of rumors circulating online, the roster announcement finally confirmed the addition of AP Bren’s renowned coach, coach Vrendon “Vren” Pasebre, to RRQ. Vren had a notable achievement with his former team after bagging the Mobile Legends M5 World Championship.

The newest roster of RRQ has heightened the anticipation from the fans on how the squad will be competing and showcasing their skills in the upcoming MPL ID Season 13.