RS 07 Sins of the Father Guide: Puzzle Solution & Vanstrom Klause Fight Strategies

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    OSRS Sins of the Father is a new Master quest released with the Darkmeyer update. Here is our guide containing Sins of the Father puzzle solution, Vanstrom Klause fight strategies and more.

    Solution to OSRS Sins of the Father puzzle

    You need to solve one Sins of the Father puzzle (kakurasu style) after speaking to Ivan Strom and crew and clicking on the mausoleum door. When working out this puzzle, add the rows to make the numbers along the right side, columns to the numbers along the bottom. A tip for this Sins of the Father puzzle is to solve both the lowest (1-4) and highest (11-14) numbers first.

    Note: The puzzle will be different for each player.

    Strategies for killing OSRS Vanstrom Klause

    OSRS Vanstrom Klause (level 413) must be defeated for completing the Sins of the Father quest.
    -Phase 1
    You’d better use high magic defence gear or protect from magic. Protect from magic can greatly reduce damage taken instead. After every 10 basic attacks, Vanstrom Klause will do one of his three special attacks.
    -Phase 2
    It is recommended to pray mage during phase 2. Good food or high dps are very necessary.
    Vanstrom Klause will heal to 200 hp and attack constantly during this phase. Small dark circles will appear fairly rapidly, so you need to take decent reactions are required to avoid damage.

    Rewards gained from Sins of the Father OSRS

    You will gain the following rewards after completing the Sins of the Father quest:
    2 Quest points
    Access to Darkmeyer OSRS
    3 Tomes of experience, granting 15,000 experience each
    Access to Blisterwood weaponry OSRS
    Boat travel between Slepe, Icyene graveyard and Burgh de Rott
    New Drakan's medallion teleport options
    Improved Ivandis flail

    Hope our OSRS Sins of the Father guide can help you complete this quest. Besides, every week you are able to enjoy the new game updates and guide on our site - And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
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