RSG PH hailed as champion of MPL Invitational 2023 after winning versus ECHO in Grand Finals

The MPL Invitational 2023 has been a five-day event where the invited Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams played onsite. The first two days were the group stage where the sixteen teams were matched and only the top two teams per group proceeded to the playoffs. The top one team in each group was put in the upper bracket while the other four teams were in the lower bracket. In the end, RSG PH emerged as the champion of this tournament after winning the best-of-5 Grand Finals versus ECHO, 3-1.


In the upper bracket, RSG PH lost to AP Bren in the first round of the upper bracket. Thus, RSG PH needed to climb their way to the championship from the lower bracket. SeeYouSoon won versus TheOhioBrothers, which then were matched versus RSG PH. HomeBois and RSG PH advanced to the lower bracket semi-finals and their match ended in a 2-0 victory for the RSG PH. Meanwhile, ECHO faced the MPL Malaysia reigning champion, HomeBois, which resulted in a close 2-1 best-of-3 series result in upper bracket round 1. Then, they faced AP Bren to secure the first slot for the Grand Finals after winning 2-0 in upper bracket finals.


RSG PH faced AP Bren in the lower bracket finals to see which team would qualify for the last Grand Finals spot. RSG PH won this best-of-3 series, 2-1, that made them face ECHO for an all-Philippine team Grand Finals. The top 3 teams in MPLI 2023 were all teams from MPL PH which are RSG PH (1st place), ECHO (2nd place), and AP Bren (3rd place). HomeBois from MPL MY finished 4th, Blacklist International (MPL PH) and SeeYouSoon (MPL Cambodia) were 5th-6th placers, and Rebellion Zion (MPL Indonesia) and TheOhioBrothers (North America) finished as 7th-8th placers. The jungler of RSG PH, Demonkite, was hailed as the Finals MVP.

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