Rules of Survival AMA Summary


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Aug 7, 2018
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Today's AMA has been done successfully. Below is a brief summary of today's Q&A.

Q1: why the new update forces the resolution?
Devs: We temporarily compress the texture to increase the compatibility of the game for more mobile phones (iPhone 6 and 6+). Thanks to our tech team, we have found a better solution. After the update on next Wednesday, the display of the vehicle skin will be restored to HD version!

Q2: Why has the mac version of the game been released if it isn’t playable at the moment?
Devs: The mac version is playable. Download in official web.

Q3: Fence bugs affect competitive now. Have you noticed that?
Devs: Recently we are working on the problem of fences. If you find a fence with problems, please report it to us in the game. And you can also join in out Bug Hunter to help us find the must reproduce trigger.

Q4: When will a new map be added? Or will there ever be a new map?
Devs: Our current focus is to develop more interesting game mode and new props for battle (2 more new mode will be released in June and July), and the major update of S10 season will return to the current Ghillie Island map, but we are still discussing if it's modifying and adding more interactive scene elements on existing maps, or adding new maps.

Q5: When will the “FPS lag” be fixed?
Devs: We are working with Google and mobile phone manufacturers to do engine optimization, still in the testing phase, will be released in a few weeks.

Q6: What about the hackers? We’re still dealing with a ridiculous amount of hackers?
Devs: Regarding hacking, we are developing a new and effective way to deal with the cheaters on the PC version. It is still in the testing stage and I believe it will help you soon.

Q7: If we get ban, can you guys write out the reasons of getting banned?
Devs: I’m sorry that we can't tell the detailed reasons when players are banned, in case some players will evade punishment.

Q8: Is there any way to make bots die early in the game? I hate how I have to waste 10minutes for the last bots to die on a really small zone after I kill all the real players...
Devs: We have realized the issue of bots. We are discussing about the solution

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