Rules of Survival Hackers + Kai'Sa LoL Breakdown + SAO Integral Factor + PUBG new Map


Mar 4, 2015

Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer!

Rules of Survival Hack
  • Earlier this week Rules of Survival players experienced hacking problems
  • There are literally a huge amount of players cheating and exploiting the game from wall hack, aim bot, speed boost you name it it's there
  • According the RoS forum moderator the developers are aware of the situation and are doing their best to fix the problem
  • Several users are already banned from playing the game but since its a free to play game you can just create a new account
  • There's also rumors circulating that users have been ip banned, but its easy to change IP just reset the modem or go to airplane mode and you have a new IP
  • Do you think they should use hardware ban?
  • anyways according to RoS, if you suspect a user exploiting the game report them immediately and for those account that had been suspended undeservedly you contact the support by including your username, userid, server and detailed description
LoL New Champion Breakdown
  • Last week Garena revealed League of Legends 140th champion called Kai'Sa, the Daughter of the Void
  • The new champion is a ranged ADC with plasma attacks that evolve with her stats
  • Here are the skill and kit breakdown
    • She has a new passive skill call the Second Skin, with two sub-abilities namely
      • Caustic Wounds which marks enemies from her basic attacks dealing increasing bonus damage in which after attacking a few more times, the Plasma bursts, dealing significant damage
    • and the Living Weapon where Kai’Sa’s symbiote-suit adapts to her chosen attack style, evolving her abilities based on permanent stats gained from shop items and experience level
    • On the W is the Void Seeker, "Kai’Sa fires off a beam of Void energy, revealing the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage, and applying stacks of Plasma."
    • On E is a Supercharger, "Kai’Sa charges up, briefly increasing her movement speed but losing the ability to attack. After charging up, Kai’Sa whips out the big guns to increase her attack speed for a few seconds. Basic attacks reduce Supercharger’s cooldown."
    • And on R is the Killer Instinct, "Kai’Sa dashes at extremely high speed with long range to a location near an enemy champion marked with Plasma and briefly gains a damage-absorbing shield."
  • The new champion will still be on PBE primarily for balance testing so we can probably expect here on Patch 8.5 which is around March base from champion releases
Sword Art Online: Integral Factor
  • Sword Art Online: Integral Factor will get a global release according to Bandai Namco
  • and all players will bet bonuses when the game goes live, here are some of them
    • 2500 Arcana Gems
    • 2 In-game Stamps
    • Skill Record 4-Star Asuna – Attack and Defense boost for a flying start!
    • Original Avatar Outfits for your characters and partner
  • Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is a new “online RPG” for iOS and Android which was shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2017
  • The game is a free-to-play title with item-based micro-transactions
  • There is still no specific date for the game
  • If you can't wait you can now pre-register on the game's website
PUBG new Map
  • UBG’s new Map and contents are delayed because of cheaters
  • That's right the company is currently prioritizing the mitigation of cheaters and hackers on the game that it had to delay its new content, this your fault hackers
  • Included in this new content is the “Maximum Ping Limit” which aims to improve the game environment for players instead they will use an experimental method
  • The new method will be matching pool depending on ping which means players with lower pings will be prioritized during matchmaking
  • So if you have high ping basically it means you are low prio
  • According to the PUBG steam update - due to the delay, the new content it will now be revealed on the first half of 2018 which is around March which includes a new Map
  • What do you think of this update are you going to wait for it? let us know
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Demo
  • A demo for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition launched last February 26
  • According to Square Enix, those who purchased the game via Steam will receive the Half-Life Pack
  • which features an In-game costume of Gordon Freeman with HEV Suit, Scientist Glasses and Crowbar for Noctis
  • The Half-Life Pack will also available for Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades will be offered until May 1
  • Other steam purchases will also get the bonus Final Fantasy XV Fashion Collection” containing a selection of T-shirts for Noctis to wear which includes
    • The strength-enhancing Episode Gladiolus Tee
    • The HP recovery rate-increasing Episode Prompto Tee
    • The critical hit rate-increasing Episode Ignis Tee
    • The maximum HP-increasing Comrades Tee
  • Final Fantasy XV is already available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • While the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition for PC will launch on March 6
Dragon Ball Z Fighter
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ first downloadable content adds fan favorite characters Bardock and Broly
  • There's no combat gameplay so we have to wait for awhile as a release date for the two fighters has yet to be announced
  • To those who don't know Broly is believed to be a mythical warrior that only appears once every 1000 years
  • Meanwhile, Bardock is the father of Dragon Ball Z protagonist Goku
  • Broly and Bardock are included in Dragon Ball FighterZ's season pass, along with the other six yet-to-be-revealed DLC characters coming to the fighting game
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.