Rules of Survival: Hero Mode is now online!

A new mode has been brewed for the fans of the classic battle royale game Rules of Survival to make things a little spicier! The Hero Mode!

In this mode, players will be able to choose from 10 unique heroes with different set of skills and specialty to wreak havoc on enemies in Ghillie Island! This mode will give players a MOBA like gameplay inside the game.

Here are the heroes you can choose from!

As you can see, the heroes have different types and skills that will cater to your preferred playstyle in the game! In addition to his, other mode and bonuses will also be available once you login! The 20 versus 20 score royale will be available and various freebies like Diamond rewards, Diamond Airdrops, Luck Chips for limited edition supplies, 40% bonus on first top-ups and more are there!

So what are you waiting for?! Play ROS now!