Rules of Survival is Dying

In the past few days, many top Rules of Survival YouTubers like Tripeezy and Digitfox have announced that they are quitting the game. Why is this happening? Hera are some of our thoughts.

RoS Cheaters and Hackers
This would primarily be the biggest problem in Rules of Survival, the game has been plagued with wallhackers, tele kill, aimbot and many many more...

To be fair the developers have banned so many users to the point they claimed they even started using hardware bans. To this date, this is how many users RoS has banned
  • March 2nd - 656,515
  • March 2nd to March 8th - 120,000
  • March 12th - March 14th - 123,540
  • March 15th - March 18th - 141,259
  • March 19th - March 21st - 160,993
  • March 22nd - March 25th - 254,842
  • March 26th - March 28th - 183,677
  • March 29th - April 3rd - 449,543
  • April 6th - April 12th - 707,064
  • April 13th - April 19th - 549,271
  • April 20th - April 26th - 942,925
  • April 27th - May 3rd - 731,350
  • May 4th - May 10th- 713,738
  • May 11th - May 17th - 635,288
  • May 18th - May 24th - 673,780
  • May 25th - May 31st - 699,260
  • June 1st - June 7th - 590,000
  • June 6th - June 14th - 404,620
  • June 15th - June 21st - 452,401
This is almost 5 million players, honestly probably more on by the time of this writing.

With this insane numbers, the RoS community became restless they even recommended how to prevent this to get out of control to what it is right now. So here is the dev feedback
  • IP BAN - Ip is very easy to bypass and will affect users playing on internet cafes with the same IP address this will ruin non-cheating players
  • ay to Play - according to the team this isn't fair to their community as the game is free to play and will always stay that way and RoS should be available to all users
  • Register using a legitimate phone number - Because this is a personal information many players don't wish to share this data and this could easily be bypassed by changing phone numbers
  • 3rd Party Security - According to the to Ros team they are exploring this possibility for its advantages and disadvantages as even a 3rd party system does not eliminate cheaters and hackers
  • Phone Authentication - Majority of internet cafes and payers don't own phones
  • Rank Matches - Players are already most likely to be matched with similar ranks however it does go deeper than this
  • Playset Amount of games before joining a Rank Battle - According to RoS team this won't be fair for new players as they already have measures in place for new accounts
  • Improve Anti Cheating measures - According to Ros team the anti-cheat is being updated constantly even its not mentioned in the patch notes
  • Detect the player's action speed, drop, high jump and aiming - The team has already started doing this however they don't release the information this is probably so cheating and hack doesn't bypass the system
  • Death Cam - this a possibility in a future update
Sadly not all of this is true coz a few months after they released a paid version, the RoS Steam Version which is not free, to be fair the steam is offering additional items like the butler set.

This didn't go well, the Rules of Survival steam version was flooded by negative reviews. Players are saying it's not optimized and there are still hackers. Not to mention this version claimed its game data is more secure and will have a separate server, in the end, this didn't help.

RoS Steam was removed then recently brought back up, here is their response.
Hi Survivors,

There has been much speculation about the sudden removal of RoS from Steam today, we would like to clear up some of the information that has been spreading.

1. The Steam Store page has been archived and is unavailable to new survivors at this point. We are currently working with Steam to get it back up ASAP.

2. We would like to reassure survivors that if you have already purchased the game, your game data is safe and you can still continue to play the game now, without any interruption.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused and wish to thank the RoS Community for their understanding and support.

RoS Dev Team

We call this bullshit, they remove the steam version because of the negative reviews that's just it.

RoS Bugs
Yes the bugs and glitches, the game has been out for quite a long time now and yet the game is not even optimized, don't take our word for it the developers admitted this as mentioned here by devs themselves “We are aware of some performance issues with the Steam version and are working on optimizations.”

Did you know if you encounter a bug in the game you will get banned from the game? that's right players who accidentally stumbled on the incompetence of devs are being punished as they are banned from the game.

Micro Transaction
This is very common on mobile or free to play games however it can hurt a game if not done right and in RoS it's out of this world.

Rules of Survival publisher NetEase don't care about the player base, they are more concerned on how they make money that's obvious by now.

Game patches are basically set aside taking months before they are patched but new items and skins? well, there's a new one every almost every week.

This just shows what the real focus of the game, not players but monetization.

Ongoing Lawsuit
Recently PUBG Corp sued RoS for copying its base elements of the game. Whatever the claims of PlayerUnknown they still have to prove that in the court and may take some time.

This didn't make much impact on the players base since its still playable until now.

Is it too late for Rules of Survival?
The short answer is NO, the game can still make a come back how you may ask? basically crossing out the problems. Let's break them down some solutions we came up:
  • Hackers - the game needs to have a more strict anti-cheating system don't let hackers run around freely make it so that its basically impossible to do so. Patches need to more frequent than ever make anti-cheat update daily in short.
  • Bugs and Micro Transactions - Prioritize fixing and optimizing the game rather than monetization, there's no point of having a skin if you can play the game.
  • Users - Listen to the player base, players are the heart of the game.
That's all so what do you think? is RoS Dying will it survive longer or can they turn this around? Id love to hear your replies in the comments.

Too lazy to read we have a video summary here: