Rules of Survival Season 7, League of Legends Patch 9.7, Freestyle Mobile PH and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Rules of Survival Season 7 New Training Manual, content and patches; League of Legends Patch 9.7 Patch like buffs and nerfs, Freestyle Mobile PH, Project Eve, Super Mecha Champions, and BuildTopia

Rules of Survival Season 7
  • Rules of Survival Season 7 has began, all ranking data has been wiped
  • grind ulit
  • btw those who participated on rank matches can claim season rewards
  • basically depending on the tier you can earn advance supply tickets, season exclusive rewards, rock star set and more
  • ok past is part na tyo
  • what's new in season 7?
  • well they added a new training manual with new skins like the
    • mantis exosuit
    • dazzling sakura
    • golden angel
    • fire fighter
    • and more
  • Is that it just skins? actually there's more
  • In season 7 the game will now support some kind of destructibility
  • but not in the level off battlefield
  • actually it's very minor, because now vehicles can destroy some roadside fences and boxes you hit
  • this is actually good since now you won't get stuck because of a random box
  • For the new content
  • a Gold Mode Plus has been added which is described as battle in research facility
  • Then finally for quality life of improvement
  • there are experience optimizations, ui optimization, and some bug fixes
  • and of course according to them “improved anti hack measures”
  • whatever that means you be the judge of that

FreeStyle Mobile PH
  • Are you a fan of basketball in video games?
  • or did you play Freestyle on PC back in the days?
  • well good news because Freestyle Mobile PH just entered its open beta
  • and good news because its feels and plays like the classic pc version
  • the game is available for download on Appstore in Playstore
  • FreeStyle Mobile has some obt rewards for new players as well as some random facebook rewards

  • Netease strikes again
  • because it seems that they are releasing another battle royale game with building mechanics
  • heavily inspired from fortnite, Buildtopia is another battle royale game from netease with, you guest it building
  • seems familiar?
  • this is so weird because the game resembles like Creative Destruction
  • which if you don't know is another netease game, don't believe us check wikipedia
  • what?
  • so they are basically competing with themselves
  • this makes no sense

Super Mecha Champions CBT

  • ok next news
  • hmm Ride Out Heroes, NetEase begins pre-registration for unique mobile battle royale
  • hm pass netease again
  • ah eto
  • New Mecha Battle Royale Super Mecha Champions start CBT
  • so a new battle royale game has just launched in this game you can pilot giant robot mechs to battle
  • oh mecha i like that
  • this mecha game is inspired on japanese anime
  • kaya pala
  • like other battle royale game players will be dropped from the map where they cal loot weapons, gears and items to survive while the map shrinks until there is last man standing
  • or last mech standing for this game
  • the game is published is by the chinese gaming giant Netease
  • what netease nananmane, jebaited
  • lahat nalang ng BR game sa mobile netease ano ba yan

Project Eve

  • Ok for sure this is not a netease game since its from a korean developer
  • The Korean developer Shift Up revealed two new games one for mobile and one triple A game
  • but in this video will focus on the Triple A game
  • so basically they unveiled Project Eve
  • which runs on unreal engine 4
  • there is not much detail reveal but it looks like action based, maybe like nier automata
  • based from the aesthetics its looks a bit like blade and soul
  • well this is because it's being developed by key members of the blade and soul team
  • and since this is a triple A project the game will release on consoles and steam for pc
  • so far the teaser looks promising

LoL Patch 9.7

  • League of Legends recently released patch 9.7
  • so here is a short summary and information regarding the nerfs, buffs and adjustments on the recent update
  • so we will give a rundown for the champions, runes and items
  • Let's start with the Champion Nerfs
    • Kayle
    • Urgot
    • Lissandra
    • Morgana
    • and Sylas have been nerfed
  • while
    • Azir
    • Cho Gath
    • Dr Mundo
    • Garen
    • Leona
    • Pyke
    • and Rumble have been buffed
  • Now for the Runes
  • Eyeball Collection, Ghost Poro, Zombie Ward have been adjusted
  • while Cut Down, Demolish, Overgrowth, Ultimate Hunter have been buffed
  • Then finally for the items
  • Wits End has been adjusted, Cinderhulk has been buffed and then Dark Seal has been nerfed
  • Additionally the patch has a new skins which are Dunkmaster Ivern and Jarvan IV’s new Hextech skin