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Jul 19, 2018
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Survivors, have you ever got thrills from last-minute wins or been a victim of friendly fire? Join our War Stories Contest to share your amusing story from the battlefield with us for a chance to WIN up to 1000 DIAMONDS

Have an amazing story from the battlefield? Share Your Stories for Diamonds!

From your teammate getting you killed "by accident" to those amazing last-minute wins, let us hear your War Story!

We are still upping the rewards for events to show our appreciation for your support and time spent on entries ;)

(Please read the requirements before submitting)

Event Time: July 12th ~ July 25th

  • Write a story with a minimum of 100 words (dialogue is acceptable) in English.
  • Include an in-game screenshot to enrich your story and make sure it is related. (Drawings are also acceptable)
  • Make sure the story is from within RoS (include RoS locations/item names/themes, etc.)
  • Spend some time on a good story that is entertaining, however, do not include inappropriate themes/language. These entries will be moderated as usual. Anything deemed inappropriate will not be approved.
Copying From The Internet Will Automatically Disqualify You

Suggestions: Squad Experiences, Solo Matches, amazing l00t finds, crazy deaths

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  • Gold Prize: 1000 Diamonds to 5 Survivors
  • Silver Prize: 800 Diamonds to 10 Surviviors
  • Rust Prize: 300 Diamonds to 20 Survivors
Note: Prizes will be sent out within a week after the end of the Event.

Good Luck Survivors!
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