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Rules of Survivals' latest Season 2 Top Clans War had received over 400 applications from SEA Regions!

Official Rules of Survival from NetEase has confirmed that the Top Clans War Season 2 in Southeast Asia (SEA) will be much bigger than Season 1, with multiple famous streamers joining along with multiple key clan leaders from throughout Southeast Asia. Driven by the RoS Community’s fast growing e-sports audience, Season 2 is planned to be one of the Top E-Sports Tournaments in the region.

According to RoS Community Staff, the RoS Prime Community has over 135,000 members and continues to grow! A significant part of that is due to the passion from RoS Players, the true support for RoS, "We know the truth that most of them don't have that many chances to join a high level e-sport competitions like RGS, so we design tournaments to meet their demands." said Yuxi, one of the RoS Community Staff. They also predict that the Community's fast-growing e-sports audience will expand to over 380k by the end of April 2019 as long as they continue having the support from players.

Season 1 attracted more than 300 clans to sign-up, with views of the Finals even breaking 91,000 and appearing on the Facebook Gaming Live Page for the Philippines. "The biggest difference between S1 and S2 is that we upgraded the scale and rewards due to the Feedback from our Survivors! " Yifay, another RoS Community Staff, said with a smile and a sparkle in his eye, "What's more , S2 will focus more on the sense of players’ honor for their nations! "

As so far, S2 had attracted more than 150 clans from PH as many as the clans from Vietnam, Thailand and Combodia.We can expect that the clans from SEA can not only build a strong and close relationship with each other, but can also have a better connection with RoS Staff, which can establish a thriving competitive scene in both the Community and SEA as a whole!

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if only meron akong team or clan, hirap maghanap kasi ang toxic ng mga pinoy ung akala mong magaling hacker pala