Runescape Mobile Test available for Twitch Prime users


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Aug 7, 2018
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The old school Rune Scape is getting an Android version and a test version is now available however it can only be accessed if you have Twitch Prime.

This offer will also grant you a one month free Runescape membership. If you are interested you can get a Twitch Prime then redeem the "RuneScape: Membership & Loot Pack".

Runescape membership includes the following
  • 1 month of FREE membership in RuneScape
  • 1 month of FREE membership in Old School
  • AND tasty RuneScape loot!
How to claim
  1. Link your Twitch and RuneScape accounts
  2. Your membership has started! Enjoy your free Prime loot and your greatest adventure!
  3. Get into the game, your RuneScape cosmetic items will be in your wardrobe. If you can't find anything, check the FAQ below for more information. To redeem the purple skin in Old School, head over to the Makeover Mage near Falador.

You can download the Runescape Mobile on Google Play it is currently unreleased, there is no current release date or duration for the availability of this offer.