Runic Games’ Torchlight RPG Announced For iOS And Android

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    Runic Games’ Torchlight RPG Announced For iOS And Android
    By: Tyler Lee on 06/15/2015


    Back in 2009 when gamers were still waiting for if and when Blizzard would release Diablo 3, Runic Games announced their own action RPG game called Torchlight. Granted Torchlight isn’t the only action RPG game around but what made gamers take notice of the game was the fact that studio that developed the game was founded by Blizzard’s co-founders who were also responsible for kicking off the Diablo franchise.

    So safe to say that many gamers were looking forward to it. That being said if you’re the type of gamer who enjoys gaming on their mobile device, you’re in luck as Runic Games has recently announced that they are teaming up with Perfect World to create a mobile version of Torchlight, essentially putting the RPG into your smartphone, letting gamers enjoy the game while on the move.

    Ever since the game was released, it has made its way onto a variety of platforms such as Mac, Linux, and even the Xbox 360, so safe to say that exploring the mobile platform certainly doesn’t come as a surprise. Now we’re not sure how the game will play on mobile, but we have seen RPGs such as Dungeon Hunter released on mobile so there is some precedent.

    Unfortunately not much is known about the mobile version of Torchlight for now, such as its pricing, features, and mobile gameplay, but it is expected for a release later this year so do check back with us at a later date for the details.
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    I know this game. But its hard to complete the other dungeon. At first map is so easy then its more becoming more and more difficult. :D

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