Runic Hell swamp beast mode Dragon Nest M


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May 11, 2015
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Some tips on Runic Hell swamp beast mode. Basically upgraded lang yung attacks niya:

1. Normal punch - may kasama lang poison mist na sa direction nung punch. Just dodge palapit sa boss.

2. Great Spin - may poison mist narin 360. Dodge lang din papaloob.

3. Ground punch - after sumuntok, may water spout na lalabas. There are many ways to dodge this:

a. dodge the punch then takbo lang mala Stare ng Saphi.
b. dodge the punch then iframe skill right after
c. takbuhan lang yung area ng punch then dodge yung water spout.​

4. Backslam - may kasamang hold ito na ground based after. To dodge this, either save your double dodge for this skill. Or dodge + iframe skill. If wala ka sa area ng backslam, make sure to dodge nalang din.

5. Venom spit - wala akong makitang added effect, baka mas malakas lang na damage.

6. Venom chew - pagkadure may wall ng venom mist sa direction. Just dodge lang din paloob ng boss