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Aug 9, 2017
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Selling My League account for meet ups only QC area

Diamond V (right now) with Diamond Border

All Heroes Owned
20 rune pages
80% runes bought
20K IP (depends if im going to change the name)
516 mastery score
14 champs at Level 7 mastery
12 Champs at Level 6 Mastery
8 Champs at Level 5 Mastery
33 Champs at Level 4 Mastery

The rest are level 3 and below most of them level 3

Theres about 9 Ward skins available


Abyssal Nautilus
Academy Ahri
Acolyte Lee Sin
Arc Light Vayne
Arc Light Velkoz
Arctic Ops Varus
Bandito Fiddle Sticks
Battle Bunny Riven
BattleCast KogMaw
BattleCast Velkoz
Bio Forge Darius
Blade Mistress Morgana
Blood Moon Akali
Blood Knight Hecarim
Blood Moon Shen
Blood Moon Thresh
Blood Moon Zilean
Bloodstone Lissandra
BoomBoom Blitzcrank
Buccaneer Tristana
Captain Gangplank
Corsair Quinn
Creator Viktor
Cutpurse Twisted Fate
Dark Valkyrie Diana
Dark Forge Jarvan
Debonair Galio
Demon Vi
Desperada Cassiopea
Dreadnova Gangplank
Dryad Soraka
Firecracker Jinx
Firefang Warwick
Fisherman Fizz
Forsaken Jayce
Fullmetal Pantheon
Glacial Malhphite
HExtech Anivia
Hextech Janna
Lord Darius
Lord MOrdekaizer
Mafia Missfortune
Marauder Alistar
Marauder Olaf
Marquis Vladimir
Mecha Malphite
Midnight Ahri
Molten Rammus
Night Hunter Rengar
Nightmare tryndamere
Pool Party Graves
Pool Party Zac
Project Yi
Project Zed
Rocket Girl Tristana
Rune Wars Renekton
Rugged Garen
Sherwood Forest Ashe
Silver Fang akali
Spirit Guard Udyr
Steel Legion Lux
Surfer Singed
Tango Evelyn
Traditional Lee Sin
Tyrant Swain
Warlord Shen
Warring Kingdoms katarina
Warring kingdoms Nidalee
Warring kingdoms Xin Zhao
Winged Hussar Xin Zhao
Woad Scout Quinn
World Breaker Nautilus

Again only for meetups in QC area. 09158861515. or message me on facebook leave a link to your profile here

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