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Oct 6, 2018
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NGG reborn.
Defining SAMP roleplay.

Moving forward

Before you read anything. Before you decide to skip this and blow it off. At least read this first section.

We've realized that players on other servers are suffering due to poor management, bad scripts, and constant DM. At the price of having other players to roleplay with and an already established presence. We're offering the following as a starting package for new players.

- 100 non transferable credits - Go pick up any of the items at the microshop on us.
- 1x non transferable car voucher - Get started with a sweet ride.
- $500,000 starting cash - You dont need to waste 10 hours grinding on an in-game job just to start having fun on the server
- Level 3 on all in-game jobs - We cant exactly give you level 5, but level 3 is when jobs start to really give out more perks.
- 2x Double EXP Vouchers - To help you get to level 5 quicker.
- 1 month of Gold VIP - You have a month of our second best VIP package to offer. Enjoy the luxiries it provides, focus on establishing your character, your presence, and your future in NGG.
- 1x Small Backpack - You shouldn't have to donate/spend months grinding for something so simple.
Stop having to deal with garbage servers that use an outdated version of OUR script. We're NGG Reborn.

Department of Game Affairs cares.
Gang Management cares.
Faction Management cares.
Human Resources cares.
Public Relations cares.
NGG is no longer a business. Your donation money isn't important. Join us, see how we've changed.

We are New Generation Gaming.

We all want to see NGG succeed. NGG is the perfect medium roleplay server with one of the most notorious scripts, known for its modern style, and ease of use. You're here to roleplay with others, not to play an MMO RPG. We've taken everything that NGG V1 failed to do, worked on it, and almost perfected it.

We just need you, join us once again. Dont settle for mediocrity. Because thats all you're going to get from the other servers.

NGG V2 took all the problems previously addressed with NGG V1 and fixed them. No longer is there an Executive Team that sits in a circle jerk channel plotting on how best to solicite children into the Club House. No longer is there favoritism within the Admin Team. No longer are factions prioritized over gang development. No longer is players criticism of the server muffled by the Executive Team's all bark no bite enforcers. Theres a reason we call ourselves NGG V2. We took everything good NGG had to offer players and solved the bad that NGG had associated with its name, and now we've formed a community that supports the players 100% and puts profits last. So stop joining all these new roleplay servers that offer 0 fun. Join a server thats already been known throughout history as the go to place for quality medium roleplay. You no longer have to choose between being DMed all day or being prisoned for not stopping at a crosswalk!

Roleplay itself isn't going anywhere. But the general theme with NGG is that almost any roleplay is supported. Open a business to sell steel plates to the Government Space Program? Not a problem. Open up a gun store that helps launder money for a criminal organization? No problem. The admin team supports the players 100%. For example organization (gangs) have very light requirements that need to be fulfilled before creation: activity, roleplay, and solid leadership. Gangs that meet those criteria are accepted almost 95% of the time. The current Department of Game Affairs allows gangs and factions to roleplay freely, providing them every tool in the bag to get things done. More often than not simple requests that are normally ignored or denied for the sake of being denied, are always accepted. As long as the roleplay makes sense and can be physically done, then theres never a reason to deny it.

Factions on NGG have stopped doing daily raids and harassing gang development. Factions now focus on there own internal development. Though the streets of LS are still safe, the fear of harassment from LEAs isn't there. Factions support Gangs in the sense that once Gangs become fully developed and staffed, then quality gunfights and roleplay can happen. We've realized that its more important to have basic factions with lots of members and good roleplayers, rather than having 15 factions with only a High Command. Currently the server operations: LSPD, San Andreas Navy, FDSA, and just recently re-opened Underground Racing League!

The new overhaul provides gangs with lots of opportunity to make money and to do more singleplayer related tasks like getting ingredients, mixing drugs, stealing cars, robbing banks, etc. Gangs have also received 3x as many turfs now available to capture than before! The opportunities exist, its just on you to get on, and seize them. Not interested in starting a group with your buddies? Not a problem, currently the following gangs roam the streets of Los Santos: Tomskaya Bratva, Los Santos Pushers, Jefferson Street Bloods, National Socialist Party, Egyptian Revolution Army.

Anyone can apply for businesses in NGG V2. Usually gangs apply for them and roleplay out of the business, but really anyone can. As long as the business is maintained and remains active then DGA doesn't step in. The application is seamless and just requires: proof of roleplay and a good background story. We've also added 3 more businesses, now totaling a total of 7 types of businesses, below is the new update to our business system.

Business Update
* Three new business types, Chop Shop, Legal Gun Shop, Illegal Gun Shop.
* Chop Shop employees have access to mechanic commands.
* Chop Shop's receive money when a player delivers a stolen vehicle to the business.
* Legal gun shop's are a way for players with a firearm license to easily buy a legal weapon without interacting with an employee. You may also purchase Pistol, Shotgun & Rifle ammo.
* Illegal gun shops have a locker inside the interior of the store. Employees can use /gslocker which allows them to deposit and withdraw weapons and ammunition which they can then sell to a player inside. You may deposit any weapon, e.g. spas 12, ak47 and even an RPG if you have it.
* Legal groups can purchase ammo from legal gun shops if they use /loadammo at its supply point and then use /deliverammo at their crate point.

NGG has something that all the other RP servers in this section dont have, activity. NGG consistently always has above 10 players. Now that number has been peaking to 60 during the EU timezone. But ultimately there are always players on the server. NGG isn't some attempt to create a new server using the old NGG name, we are V2. Our goal is to attract new players but also to bring back players who left during NGG V1 or during the NGG-HZRP merger. Also many dont even know about our existence, once NGG died alot of players simply stopped playing SAMP.

Massive Overhaul
We've realized that the script is crying for a new major update. So our development team got to work in making the following additions to the script:

  • All turfs now just give money (requested by all of the Gang community)​
  • New drug mixing system, offering players more to do when the roleplay calms down for the day​
  • Multiple new business types have been added, all of which can be obtain without having to donate.​
  • Lock picking system​
  • Drop/Pickup weapon system​
  • Updated bank robbery script​
  • And more changes can be found here > Gamemode Overhaul