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Saber is one of the earliest assassin heroes, and one of a few heroes who have a great displacement ability. As a melee hero, his first skill is also a melee attack, though cooperating it with the second skill to charge or the ult to move in a large range, Saber is able to engage fast and reap. You can never look down on Saber's displacement ability when your HP is low.

Skills Analysis: Enemy's Bane (Passive): Each attack will lower the target's physical defense by 3%. Stacks up to 10 times and lasts 2 seconds.

Decreases enemy's physical defense by percentage and able to stack up. This ability makes Saber's attack hurt more and more withing increasing damage. However, the effect only lasts 2s, which means a higher requirement on your controls. Note to use displacement ability and attack cooperatively.

Flying Sword (Skill 1): Shoots out 4 flying swords, with each sword dealing 160 pts of physical damage. Swords will spin by the target for a time and then fly back to Saber. Using the Charge ability will call the swords back earlier.

Most frequently used skill. Because of the dead zone within melee area, Flying Sword requires a good control of keeping distance. It cannot deal damage if the distance is too far or too close. Once the distance is kept properly, damage dealt by four swords and 12% physical defense reduction could lay a nice foundation for following attacks.

The swords will injure enemies when flying back, so it is a wise choice to approach your target when they are about to withdraw. Or launch the second skill or ult to withdraw the swords manually while charging up to the enemy, dealing secondary damage to them.

Charge (Skill 2): Charges towards a specified place, dealing 80 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way.

Directional charge skill, receiving flying swords after use. Normally the skill will be cast after the 1st skill causing damage, to chase up your target or to escape. Note that this skill can be used to run across map barriers.

Triple Sweep (Ultimate): Attacks an enemy hero, knocking the target airborne and then dealing 3 blows in a row, each blow causing 220 pts of physical damage to the enemy.

Besides the control effect of knocking airborne, the highlight of the skill is to lock distant target and chase up to them in a blink. You can use the skill almost out of enemy's sight to launch an unexpected assault, especially to those fragile mage heroes or low-HP heroes.

This skill is used to run across map barriers as well.

Skill Build Tip: Upgrade Skill 1, then Skill 2, then Skill 1. After lvl 4, upgrade ult to the top, then top Skill 1, then Skill 2.

Skill Combo: Skill 1 to consume enemies from distance. When the skill effect is near to end, cast the second skill or the ult to approach and trigger the secondary stage of damage.
Battle Spell Choice

Execute or Fury. Purify is also considerable due to the low armor of Saber.

Gears Recommendation: Hunter Strike, Wind Chaser, Warrior Boots, Blade of Destruction, Blade of Despair, Brute Force Breastplate

Gears Analysis
Hunter Strike: Speeds up the hero after making a kill. Increases physical attack and decreases the cooldown time, which could optimize the situation of no skill to use. First choice for Saber.

Wind Chaser: Increases physical attack and armor penetration by 45%, very useful.
Warrior Boots: An assassin that cannot keep up with your target is a mistake.

Blade of Destruction: Except increasing attack power, this item provides a rare addition to 'twin crits' -- critical strike rate and critical strike damage. In addition, it will improve physical attack by another 5% once the hero hits a crit strike, which really is the best that an assasin can dream of.

Blade of Despair: A gear of the late game. Saber will be a killing monster already when buying this equipment. In spite of the great attribute addition provided in basic stats, its passive will give another 15% damage when attacking the controlled target, improving Ult's damage.

Brute Force Breastplate: Even though with a stunning burst damage, Saber has a low HP and lacks defensive abilities. The HP addition that Brute Force Breastplate provides is not as massive as it provided by the gear Bloodthirsty King, however, it gives an addition of 2% movement speed and 3% physical damage, lasting for 4s while able to stack up 4 times, which will improve Saber's ability of seckill.

Emblem Set Choice: Physical Assassin Set, unlockable when lvl 12

Combat Tips: Saber's first skill can trouble enemies a lot from a middle-long distance. His second skill is not only capable of dealing damage and controlling, also able to withdraw flying swords to cause extra damage, which would be remarkable with physical reduction buffs.

You can use the first skill to harass the enemy when 1v1 in the lane, use the second skill to approach to fragile heroes, then control and end them fast. Saber's survival ability is not ideal, so do not try to solo with a tank or fighter hero face to face.

Try to hide in bushes or approach from the edge of sight and strike suddenly. Reap the running enemies with low HP in time by using the 2nd skill or the ult.

Team Fight Tips: Owing to low HP and armor, Saber is hard to survive attacks. Thus, in the team fight, avoid charging into enemies first and being attacked intensively. You should use the first skill more often to consume enemies and give them debuffs. When they try to escape, you can chase up and eliminate them. If you are faced with several enemies at the same time, use the ult to seckill fragile enemy, but remember to use the second skill to get out of their attack range in time.

When facing some heroes who can approach fast like Yun Zhao or Alucard, do not play tough, pay attention to your movement to keep your distance from them, in the case being controlled by them suddenly. If you want to play Saber well, remember that you can never be too eager to your damage amount unless you encounter some fragile mage heroes or half-HP enemies, then you can release your ult and exterminate them.


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[Noob]Guide to Saber


Tooth of Greed
Warriors Boots
Hunters Knife
Wind Chaser
Dominance Ice
Blade of Despair

Battle Spells:[Mga Battle Spell ko kay saber ay puro pangtakas]

Combo ni Saber ay: 1st-Ulti-2nd-1st

Tip #1. Ang role mo ay assassin WAG na WAG ka mang gank hanggang sa may ulti kana

Tip #2. Sa Early games mag buy ka nang Mana Necklace [+10 Mana Regen] para ma spam mo ang 1st skill nya [Flying Swords] maganda rin to para kahit marksman ang kalaban mo may pang damage ka parin kahit hindi na lumapit

Tip #3. Mag farm kalang kung na "Clear" na yung lane mo ebig sabihin patayin mo muna creeps ng kalaban bago mag jungle kung hindi yung tore mo ang mababawasan ng buhay

Tip 4#. Ang Specialty mo ay Charge/Reap ang pinaka target mo ay DPS/Support at Mage ang team mona ang bahala sa Initiator/Tank at Fighter basta makalas mulang kahit isa sa DPS nila pede nayun para maka push ang tank nyo

Tip 5#. Pedeng pang hop ng wall ang 2nd Skill mo kagaya ng flicker makaka tulong to kung gusto mong tumakas sa kalaban o kung mamamatay kana

Tip 6#. Mag turtle ka pag kakuha mo nang Tooth of Greed ang damage ng turtle ay ma regen lang ng life steal ng tooth of greed mo therefore HINDI ka mamatay pwera nalang kung may epal na herong kalaban na umatake sayo habang pinapatay mo yung turtle

Tip 7#. Pede rin ma activate yung life steal mo gamit ang 1st Skill mo [Flying Swords] ebig sabihin kahit hindi muna atakihin ng mano mano basta natatamaan ng 1st ay mag reregen parin buhay mo

Tip 8#. Lagi mong kunin ang blue buff -CD para sa ulti mo at -Mana Cost pede rin ang red pero iwan mo nlang para sa team mate mo

Tip 9#. Wag na wag kang makisama sa front line dahil mababa ang HP mo at pede kang ma Disable ng kalaban instead mag flank ka sa likod ng kalaban dahil duon madalas ang DPS nila

Tip 10#. Wag kang mayabang at sumugod mag isa dahil guaranteed na mamamatay ka Hahahahahahaha