Saddle up! New Wild West-inspired Battle Royale: GRIT opens for Beta Testing

GRIT, an all-new Wild West Battle Royale where players pit their wits against 99 other enemies in the ultimate showdown, was unveiled today by Team GRIT, a new game production and publishing studio established by industry veterans. Players will begin playtesting in an early beta build on Steam beginning last April 4, 2021, enabling them to quickly immerse themselves in the lawless world of GRIT.

Players will log into Steam and join in the limited access beta test at different time slots from Friday, April 2 to Sunday, April 4. People can request access by signing up on the game's Steam page and choosing the "Request Access" option. In a first-come, first-served basis, access will be granted. Many who drop out will have more chances to check out the game in the future for more beta testing before the game is released in Early Access.


Grit pits players against each other in a 100-person battle royale set in the American West. When it comes to minimizing the rivalry as players battle their way to the top, choosing the right shooter will make a huge difference. Players will explore the town while riding their trusty steed, trying to survive all the way to the freight station. The perk system can be a way to find guns to use in a gunfight, with different play modes depending on which weapon you select. There will be a total of over 20 weapons to choose from.

The Seattle-based developer has published a trailer for the game, which shows off the gameplay and introduces new players to the world. By solo, duo, and team modes, all will be pitted against 99 other cowboys. The game's aim is to get all of the loot in town and try and catch the last train to victory. Consider it an online-only variant of the battle royale mode in Red Dead Redemption 2. Players must use the train to survive in the game to be the last one standing since it is a battle royale.

About GRIT:
  • Wild West Royale – Saddle a stallion and race through the plains. In lone, duo, and team gunfights, you'll face 99 other cowboys.
  • Perk System- Check out guns that allow all-in poker hands in order to obtain exclusive benefits. To create various modes of play, gather individual hands. Depending on the cards you're collecting, there are benefits and tradeoffs to be made – would you go all-in on gunslinging, concentrate on patching up your wounds with each skirmish, or try some other winning combination?
  • Ride Through the West – Bond with your horse, riding and controlling your trusty steed with multiple speeds. Feeling lazy? Use the equine beast o’ burden as extra inventory. Horses are a great way to stay mobile, escape the all-consuming calamity storm, and fire on the go. If you’re feeling daring and have the gumption, steal your foe’s horse and ride like the wind.
  • Tools o’ the Trade – Over 20 weapons and a whole host of cowboy equipment are there to help you and yours to the top of the gunslinger rankings. Weapons are projectile-based, so you’ll need to be a crack shot, lead targets, and account for gravity.
  • An Arsenal at Your Disposal – try over 20 different weapons and equipment to help your cowboy persona. Weapons in GRIT battle royale will require a keen eye. In addition to leading a target, you’ll need to factor in the distance a bullet will travel.
  • Last Train Out – fight to stay aboard the last train out of town and remain in possession of your loot.

Grit will be launching via Early Access this Spring while the full game is expected to release in September this year.