SaGa Final Fantasy Legend will be available on September 22 on Android, iOS and PC

Square Enix has revealed that Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend is coming to PC and mobile later this year, meaning that it won't be a Nintendo Switch exclusive for much longer. This is the second time Square has made one of its Switch exclusives multiplatform over the past few days, as Bravely Default 2 is coming to Steam next week.


Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend will be released on September 22 for Android and iOS devices, and on October 21 for Steam, according to a new teaser on Square Enix's YouTube channel. The game includes the first three SaGa games, which were published on the Game Boy original. Outside of Japan, these games were known as the Final Fantasy Legend trilogy, thus the name.

Final Fantasy Legend
  • The first game in the series, which has sold over one million copies, allows you to pick between human, mutant, or monster characters to experience a variety of gameplay styles. Monsters develop powers by eating flesh and transforming into other monsters, which was a groundbreaking notion at the time.
Final Fantasy Legend II
  • With this release, the franchise hit its stride, with adventurers exploring a variety of realms. The variety of gameplay has never been better, including mechs and guest characters. Collect magi as you travel the world in search of the universe's mysteries.
Final Fantasy Legend III
  • This unusual title offers several firsts for the brand, with a tale that transcends time and space. Six distinct races offer limitless customizing options, and the heroes can switch between them. Embark on a journey through the past, present, and future aboard the Talon.
All of the games are Gameboy classics, and this version is based on the Switch release at the end of last year. There have been a few changes made to the mobile version.

The ability to shift the controls around the screen to match your hand size and play the games in portrait or landscape mode is maybe the most essential of these features. Neato.

The ports also feature a high speed mode that gets things moving quicker, and you can choose whether you play them in English or Japanese.

A speed toggle and autosave features have been added to the SaGa Final Fantasy Legend Collection. Anybody considering acquiring the collection should keep in mind that these are older games that were published for a system with restricted hardware capabilities, so those expecting the same level of beauty and scope as the later SaGa games should expect to be disappointed. The games were fantastic at the time, but several of their design elements have aged poorly. Still, nostalgia enthusiasts should be excited about the ports of these classic RPGs.

Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend is up for pre-register on the Play Store right now, and you can book yourself a spot by clicking here. It’s slated to land on September 22nd, and it’ll set you back $19.99. That’s a one-off payment.