Sakura Kakumei launches in Japan on December 15 iOS Android 

Sakura Wars has been in heavily due to an upcoming release of a mobile game spin-off of the series, Sakura Kakumei, while it was getting waves of interested folk from people who are interested in the latest trend to the ardent fans of the series. The game is closing in on its release... in Japan! People have been wanting a global version as well, so let's see what the game is all about.

From what we see on one of the YouTube comments, the battle system is like a chess version of Fate Grand Order and it is no surprise that people are making that comparison, after all, the developers of FGO, DelightWorks, and the classic video game publisher, Sega, will be spearheading the release of the game. While we have released a thorough look at the story before. Let's delve deeper into what we can see from the battle system.


The Battle System is a turn-based system in which you can control up to 3 units on the field with 3 more at the back, and as the "Commander" of the team in order to win battles. The girls have different units that they can fit depending on their range, some can be direct, while some are shooters and finally, a spotter, there are also unique maidens but we have yet to be given more information about it. Giving your units Spiricle Amulets increase their stats meanwhile.


From the looks of things, it definitely looks like Fate Grand Order but with a different IP, art style, graphics, and more. For me, this is interesting as a new franchise is gonna make it work, from the comments, people are incredibly hyped about the game, and I can see why. The girls look great, the system seems like a tried and tested one but it may have improvements on it. Can't wait.


If you're like me then you'll probably want to get on the hype train once again (I still do wish that there is a global version), then you will want to find ways to join the pre-registration campaign ongoing right now, as I cannot read Japanese, I cannot fully comprehend everything but one thing's for sure, the number of pre-registrations have almost been reached at its maximum!



Taisho era year 100.

Japan, which suffered devastating damage in the “Capital Catastrophe” that occurred 16 years ago, has been reconstructed thanks to a new type of energy based on spiritual power, “Mirai.”

However, with the activation of the “New Capital Tower,” the cherry blossoms no longer bloomed and demons called Kouki started to increase in numbers, attacking people all over the country. During this time, the guardian of the people was a government organization called “Great Imperial Combat Revue B.L.A.C.K.” These girls took the country by storm with their awesome live performances while protecting the lives of citizens.

With Mirai and B.L.A.C.K., the people thought that placing their trust in the government will bring continued peace. Although a few have realized that this prosperity was a lie. They call themselves “Imperial Combat Revue.” Bring the government’s real plan to light, and take back Japan!

In the end, we will see how this game goes, for me, I would see if I plan to get this before a global release, but the hype can be justified as this looks like a good game. Let's just hope the rates are pleasing if it's gacha.