Samba Now, No Reruns: Christmas 2020 of FGO is live! iOS Android 

Christmas season is here and so are the events in the gacha games. With their favored Santa character, costume and Christmas themed events, the players are now flocking to go and play their games and get the limited edition things in the games. Usually, these events can rerun for next year but with an earlier time slot just for those who wish to get the character again, but what if I told you that there is one event with a desirable character and it does not rerun. Hit the brakes, get the event going!


What I am talking about is Fate Grand Order's newest event, Samba Night, Holy Night, or most likely known as Christmas 2020 for the NA server of the game. It is awaited by a lot of players because of various things. First of all, this event would not have a rerun next year so it is definitely worth investing time with. Second of all, the character is a well-sought servant in the game, Quetzalcoatl but in a Santa outfit. What's more special is that she is a welfare Ruler class Servant, It is a rare sight to see an extra class become the free servant in an event, that's why people are hyped about it. Finally, the event is a lottery event, for those who are unaware, lotto events are events in which you can get unlimited rewards, the only thing that is stopping you is your regeneration of your AP but that can be remedied by stocking up Apples. With a lot of goodies in each boxes, it is suggested that you go ham in this event to catch up with your servants.

So how to get in? First, you will need to have completed Lostbelt 1, so for new players, this will be a challenge, you will need to clear Arc 1 of the game which is very long and can be tedious if you read the story, so it is tough. Then, it is recommended to have strong servants in each class since the event format will be a locked in a two servant formation, so you can only bring 1 support from your friend and then yours, make sure to equip the proper craft essences for the event too!

Samba Quetzalcoatl.jpg

As for farming, if you want to clear shop, make sure to participate in the free quests! The bronze materials, the Ola Bands can be farmed efficiently, in the 4th Day Map, the Silver ones, the Mucho Dumbbells can be farmed in the 5th Day Map, and for the Gold currency, Adios Mic, will be farmed in the 6th day Map. For the lotto ticket material, the Amigo Towels, wait for the 7th day of the event. These free quests are for efficiency, while you can still play other nodes, if you want to be at top-shape, you can use these nodes for quicker finishes. For Craft Essences, for quicker currency farming, make sure to equip Burning Broadcast Seat, Ring the Bell, and Scwipsig in the Snow, for Bronze, Silver and Gold currencies respectively and finally, equip Holy Maiden's Teachings for Lotto Currency Bonus, this can be dropped while doing the event, meanwhile the others are gacha-locked.


Finally, here are the bonus servants that will definitely help you in farming and finishing the event. The welfare servant, Samba Quetz has a damage bonus of 150%, not to mention that she gains 2x Exp in this event, so make sure to farm the lotto and finish the event to have a high level Ruler by the end of the event. Other characters can be seen at the image below.


A lotto event, a limited servant and a non-rerun event, this definitely makes you eye the game again and finish it. If you're up-to-date in the game such as myself, we can enjoy the Christmas celebration and have our servants raised quickly, what are your thoughts? Drop them down the comments section below! Join the FGO Community now!