Samurai Showdown: The Legend of Samurai Is Available Now For Pre-Register

The legacy of SNK's samurai fighting game will be reborn this year as a dazzling hack and slash MMORPG as VNG bring once more Haomaru and the gang in the all-new Samurai Showdown: The Legend Of Samurai available now for pre-register on Google Play and Apple Store.

Samurai Showdown a.jpg

The Legend of Samurai has already launched in China and South Korea last year and this 2020, its SEA version is expected to be warmly welcomed by gamers especially those who played the classic Samurai Showdown during the 80s and 90s era. The said MMORPG version features vivid graphics using Unreal Engine with a beautiful Japanese-based location for the players to explore in an open-world setting. And since it's now a pure RPG, players can choose from 4 main classes (Swordsman, Magician, Archer, and Ninja) which represents the standard RPG roles of Warrior, DPS, and Nuker respectively. Each class will have its own branching class progression to choose from for a total of 10 classes available in the game.

To capture the same feeling of pulling crazy combos from its arcade counterpart, skill combo is wide and varying in this game so expect to be creative when combining those flashy and powerful skills to barrage at your enemies. The best part of it is that there is no auto-combat feature here so you can actually get the vibes of the action as it is just like the button-mashing feels of the classic Samurai Showdown.

Samurai Showdown b.jpg

Along the way, you will also meet several Samurai Showdown iconic characters from the MC Haomaru to his friend and rival Genjuro. There are a PVP and PVE feat that awaits players plus Boss Battle to challenge and the whole customization to get you going in the looks of your avatar.

So far base from its trailer, the game looks drop-dead gorgeous with its visual that blends well the action of combat and the free-to-roam surrounding that boast of oriental aesthetic. The animations of every skill from each class look cool and edgy which really a sure hit to those who wanted their MMORPG filled to the brim with action.

Today marks the start of the pre-registration phase of the game until August 11 where you can reap bountiful of rewards that worth over $100. This includes 180 Bound Jade Chest, Large Potions of Shushi, and a whole lot more! And you don't even have to wait for any longer at the start of August 12, the open beta for the game will start and you can download it right away.

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