Samurai Showdown: The Legend of Samurai SEA Open Beta Will Launch Soon

It wasn't long since VNG released KOF Final Battle - Allstar. And now, they're ready to release yet another renewed classic fighting game - Samurai Shodown: Legend of Samurai. Unlike KOF, this new game requires more than just clicking skills and watching your characters fight. A few days ago, Samurai Shodown entered its pre-registration event that runs until August 11 wherein you can get rewards worth over $100.

Samurai Showdown.jpg

The pre-registration event is ending soon. The day after it closes, August 12, will mark the beginning of its Open Beta. If you still haven't pre-registered, you head out and check there Facebook Page for the pre-registration link. For android users, go to this Google Playstore link and click the pre-register button to get another 180 Bound Jade Set. This is separate from the first set of rewards from their pre-registration link.

This is an official copyrighted game from the original franchise of Samurai Shodown. Unlike its past titles, this isn't a 1v1 game but an MMORPG fighting game. Based from the video, you'll be fighting with your enemies in an open space.

You'll be able to choose 1 out of 10 occupation under 4 classes. These four classes are Swordsman, Magician, Ranger, and Ninja.

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Under these 4 classes, here are the 10 occupations that you can choose from:
  • Swordman: Habitat | Slasher | Ghost Sword
  • Magician: Wizard | Curser | Kagura
  • Ranger: Archer | Tenchou
  • Ninja: Heyin | Tenchu
You'll also play along with the classic main characters from the original game. Haohmaru, Ukyo, and Nakoruru will serve as your assistant in the game using their signature skills.

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Every class has more than 10 active skills that you can use to create unlimited combos and flexible move set. Who doesn't love to see big numbers of damage piling up, right? Make the best out of your character and battle against real people or wreak havoc in PVE. These game features a number of PVP and PVE modes to choose from.

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You can play in their Cross-Border Arena where you can battle in 1v1, 3v3, and the hot battlefield of Demon World Battle against players across SEA. If you're not into PVP, there are 9 PVE dungeons you can explore. Speaking of PVE, Samurai Shodown's boss battles can offer you epic PvE experience.

Samurai Showdown e.jpg

What good is an RPG if you can't customize your character's look? Deep inside, we all have this fashion statement in any game we play. We all love cosmetic features, and Samurai Shodown knows it well too. You can customize how your character looks using the cosmetic items in-game.

What do you thin of Samurai Shodown? Would you like to play this classic game with its renewed gameplay? Tell us below. That's it for now and see in the samurai battlefield.