Saurnament Team Disqualified for Emote, Valorant Toxic Ban, IKEA Roblox Hiring, Pokeverse, God of War Ragnarok PC PSN, Monster Hunter Gemma, etc

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers talk about a Lol Team Disqualified for Using an Emote, Liga Republika Updated Rules, IKEA Roblox Virtual Store Job Hiring, Valorant Toxic Players Ban, God of War Ragnarok PC PSN, Pokeverse Event Disaster? Monster Hunter World Gemma Dating, and Sousou no Frieren Fan.


Voltes V Legacy
According to the GMA network, the Filipino live-action adaptation of Voltes V Cinematic Experience is officially heading to Japan! TOEI Company announced that a "Super Electromagnetic Edition" of the film will open in Japanese theaters on October 18. The film has been re-edited and some scenes not included in the Philippine version have also been added. In addition, the quality of the CG scenes, which were impeccable in the original, has been significantly improved through a full-length remastering process. Aside from the subtitled version with the original Filipino audio, a Japanese dubbed version will also be released. So far based on the Japanese Twitter feedback majority are excited and asking if the theme song will be changed or who the voice actors will be.

Sanford Sibol Ban
So recently Sibol invited teams for the MLBB Men’s qualifiers. However, fans are asking why Team Liquid Echo the MPL Philippines Season 13 winner is missing from the list. Since they included team Falcons AP.Bren and RSG Philippines. During a live stream by Liquid ECHO jungler “KarlTzy”. He revealed that his team decided not to participate in this year’s qualifiers because of a ban. Apparently Liquid ECHO's "Sanford" has received a two-year ban from participating in any of national team Sibol's activities. Why did he get banned? apparently he refused a 2023 offer to be part of the roster for the IESF World Esports Championships. Basically banned due to the refusal to represent the country after agreeing to participate in the qualifiers. According to Sibol general manager Jab Escutin Sanford’s ban will last until February 28, 2025.

Valorant Mobile
According to a report by gamingphone we might get more updates for Valorant Mobile, Maybe a release date? at least for China. Recently Valorant Mobile under the name “Valorant: Operation Primal” was one of the 15 games approved by NPPA. NPPA is the National Press and Publication Administration in China. With this approval, it at least Indicates that we might start hearing about it in the near future. How near? well not sure, Will you play Valorant on Mobile or do you still prefer PC let us know in the comments.

Valorant Toxic Players
Recently Valorant studio head Anna Donlon said Riot Games is taking new steps to address toxic behavior in the game. She said, "If you need to make truly evil statements under the guise of regular shit talk to enjoy gaming, then please play something else." Are you toxic do you shit talk?

What to expect? Over the next month, players can expect updates to the penalty system swifter and more impactful punishments for severe behavior if penalized this could include hardware bans and increased manual reviews. Basically Riot Games outlined their plan for stricter penalties, including the potential for Valorant toxic player bans.

Why do this if you can just mute it? Here is what Anna Donlon said “there's no room in our community for the most egregious behaviors, and we're not going to compromise on that point.” She also said players should not be forced to mute comms or "grow a thicker skin" in order to play online.

What about normal shit talks? Riot has no interest in cracking down on "banter," nor is it looking to "sanitize gaming by over-addressing these issues." The problem is who set this standard, there were words that are fine before but are now labeled extremes

God of War Ragnarok PC PSN
God of War Ragnarök will finally be coming to PC in September, but Sony allegedly says F you. Because God of War Ragnarök will require a PSN account to play on PC and since PSN is required God of War Ragnarök will not be unavailable for more than the 170+ countries and territories where PSN can't be accessed. If you check God of War Ragnarok and you have a Philippines account it will show you an oops sorry not available error. So what does mean? One Piece? Pirates of the Caribbean, Girl with Spoon? The only choice is to change the region which requires a payment gateway for that country which a lot of us won't even bother.

Pokeverse Expo Disaster
A Pokémon-themed expo in the Philippines called Pokeverse has turned into a massive disappointment. So what's the event? According to the description, it's the Premier Pokemon-Themed Expo in the Philippines made by fans for fans! The event was held at the SM Megamall - Megatrade Hall last May 31 to June 2, 2024. They even have Veronica Taylor (the voice of Ash Ketchum) and Jason Paige (the original singer of the Pokemon theme song) in the event

It was advertised to feature "trainer quests", "stellar headliners", and "live musical performances", alongside cosplay contests and game tournaments. But unfortunately based on online discussion and anecdotes the event wasn't good

According to a summary by Spinph and documented by BintuRina on X/Twitter the convention was not only smaller than advertised but also had very little Pokemon themes. Upon entering the event space, attendees were reportedly greeted by a large booth from another sponsor, Frigga, which sold Chinese lucky charms. An inflatable soft play area featured a row of circus side-show-style activities, completely unrelated to Pokémon.

Another criticism was the event's filming of attendees, including minors and cosplayers changing their outfits, in a lounge area. Here is what BintuRina said, the convention center was basically barren... with standees, designs or decorations filling all the empty spaces. The place was littered with empty tables and the promised floor plans on their Facebook page were suddenly changed. Some also criticized the ticket pricing as it goes beyond the average rates. But what are your thoughts did you attend the event? we can't confirm because aren't invited probably coz are blacklisted.

Monster Hunter Wilds Gemma
When you check a game on Steam below the review summary you can check the game tags that usually represent which category the game falls under example fps, RPG, fighting, etc. On top of your head, what do you think Monster Hunter Wild Tags might be?

Well, apparently it's a dating sim! The game now have user defined tags of hunting, action, multiplayer, dating sim, and co-op. Why did this happen? Apparently fans are already obsessed with Gemma, the game's smitty NPC basically where players visit to improve their gear. Note that she only had an on-screen time of 12 seconds for the three-minute trailer

Maybe they remind her of someone? If you want to see more of Gemma you will have to wait. Monster Hunter Wilds will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S in 2025.

Frieren Himmel
Not sure if you guys watch Sousou no Frieren If you haven't it's highly recommended. Why are we talking about Frieren? On May 21, 2024, a Taiwanese man stabbed several passengers in a knife attack on a Taichung train. He managed to injure three people before over seventeen civilians stopped him. One of the civilians who stopped the attacker was Ruixian Xu, or “Long Hair Bro.” Xides?

Why did he help? Xu also states that “If Himmel was there, he would’ve done the same thing” referencing the character from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. That logic cannot be applied to all though.

Additionally, Xu refers to himself as an otaku and states that otaku isn’t all bad. He hopes that his act will help convince people of that fact. Also when he was accepting the rewards he was wearing a Monster Hunter shirt

IKEA Roblox Job
If you play Roblox and you are looking for a job this might be for you. Because IKEA is Hiring Employees to Work at its Virtual Store in Roblox. Employees can earn £13.15 or 985 PHP per hour to work in a virtual store’s opening inside Roblox.

So as a Roblox IKEA Employee can expect the following help customers and get promoted to move departments, work in different sections of the store like the Showroom and Bistro, help people choose their furniture, and even serve meatballs.

How to apply? A total of 10 positions are being offered. Virtual interviews for these virtual jobs will be held between June 14 and June 18. Not that it's a virtual interview, applicants must be 18 and above. However, Applicants must also be located in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland,

Saurnament Tournament Emote Disqualification
Remember Riot Games pivoted to grassroots or community-led tournaments? Well, a popular streamer started one called Saurnament which is basically part of Liga Republika serye as an off-season tournament before the main event which is Liga Republika if not mistaken the prize pool is a combined 250k PHP for the Tournament, BB Cup League wars, and Rainbow Royale.

However, things didn't go as planned on the Saurnament event. Because a LoL team was disqualified from the tournament for using emotes. Without providing the context that statement alone is kinda stupid.

So what happened? So there are two teams competing West Point Esports and Daedalus. So West Point player Devoured managed to first blood Daedalus VA Defile. Which then triggers an auto emote, so it's not intentional. Note that in the Saurnament ruleset doing emotes in-game may result in disqualification

In the replay video clip, it can be seen that within 5~6 seconds the game was paused then followed by the Daedalus players leaving the match. It was then revealed on a discord chat that VA Defile was asking the game marshals what to do because the players was in violation of the rules, basically snitching. Because of this, some might argue that they were deliberately waiting for the team to make an emote mistake, like that the whole plan from the first place

Let's go to the game Marshal's actions or response. Then on another discord conversation, it was revealed instead of the Marshals taking actions they asked the players of Daedalus of what to do. The Marshals asked if they could continue or give West Point a chance. The problem is Daedalus is losing, so of course they said no. So TLDR the Game Marshal left the decision to ban West Point from the other team.

Going the Saurnament ruleset it states that It is required by the Tournament Marshalls to have all badges and emotes disabled, including those that pop automatically in certain situations (First Blood, Aces, Victory, etc.) meaning if we follow strictly this is in fact a ground for disqualification. According to organizers, they reminded players to disable but the argument is why do you have this rule in the first place?

Some argue this rule was added to avoid unsportsmanlike behavior the problem with that is Daedalus player names are VA Defile and even Jackol. With this, it kinda invalidates avoiding such unsportsmanlike behavior

It went international news outlets have been covering this. Caedrel even called it “the most disgusting, embarrassing, trashy-ass, fucking dog shit tournament organizer I’ve ever heard of in my life” and that the organizers were “a shame to League esports.” He couldn’t decide who he should be mad at—the official for agreeing to the disqualification or the enemy team that paused and complained. In a way, the tournaments are now remembered not in a good way.

The Saurnament organizers made an apology video vowing to improve moving forward. However, to add insult to injury the official Liga Republika 2024 has updated their ruleset in which they are coordinating with the local organizers. In the pin comments league of Legends said Emotes are a built-in mechanic in the game and are allowed in Liga Republika. We have aligned this ruleset with other creators and their tournament organizers to make sure emotes are not taken out for future tournaments.

On a follow-up post, they have started calling players from. They even added emotes as much as you can Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to register for the Liga Republika open qualify. with a PPS of Pwede mag emote!

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