Scalped Prices of Graphics Cards Keep on Going Down!

In our current reality, it's not really much to say that a lot of people now use their gadgets longer than before. Be it on mobile devices, laptop, tablet computer, or specially, on PC for various reasons. But to be more specific, let’s just stick with PC and on why graphics cards were pricier than before.


As this pandemic hit us, it made some people completely jobless or not able to work in the same environment the working people are used to. To cope up with this sudden shift in the economy, companies are now implementing “work from home” for some of the businesses. There is also now a rise of content creators that we see online. Because of this, the demand for the latest graphics card has been on the rise lately since gamers, content creators, professionals, crypto miners and scalpers need graphics cards for their job or contents that they are making. But if there’s something that these people will agree on, it will be the high price of graphics cards. Of course, manufacturers and scalpers are an exception since they don't really mind. Especially the scalpers, since they're also part of the reason for the pricing and graphics card availability.

Although, the situation might change for the better since several companies have published statements stating that this situation will soon improve. In the report of Digitimes, ASRock reportedly stated that Chinese crypto mining demand is currently declining while the supply chains for substrates are on demand. ComputerBase also reported that the pricing and availability has now improved in Europe. The earlier statements of AMD and Nvidia that component and substrate shortages will be resolved around the second half of this year coincide with the reports above.

To give you a better understanding, let’s see the scalped prices of graphic cards on online merchants like eBay. Compared to the 300% markup of the price for RTX 3080 rather than the MSRP, the RTX 3080 is now down to 250% markup and now can be bought for $1800 depending on the make and model. It’s not much but it's progress. However, it may surprise you on how much the price of RTX 3080 Ti is on eBay. The MSRP for this is 170% of the price of RTX 3080, but it's sold on eBay for $2150 which is 16% more than the standard RTX 3080, meaning that RTX 3080 Ti is only selling at 180% of its MSRP.

This pattern also occurs to some of the graphics cards like the RTX 3070 and Ti variant. The standard RTX 3070 ranges between $1100 to $1200, it's still 230% higher of its MSRP but there's been a decent decrease for the past month. For the 3070 Ti scalper, the price is only on the slightly higher side..

As the prices for the graphic cards consistently go down for the past several weeks, it appears to be that there will be an improvement for the availability of graphic cards for these coming months. Just keep on being patient because it seems that you won’t be waiting for that long.