Scariest Moments From The Witcher 3 PC 


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Aug 14, 2018
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It's that time again everybody! If you've been reading everything I've been writing you'll notice I'm going through a Witcher phase recently. I mean it's a great game to play again, especially the third installment of the series. The Witcher 3 game features a huge world with various stories and quests in every nook and cranny. Though there are great moments in the game, being in a dark world, you will definitely come across scary moments in the game. And boy are they scary! So, here's a couple of scary moments from the Witcher 3 game that I would like to share.

Fyke Island

In the quest "A Towerful of Mice", you're tasked to help out the sorceress Keira in retrieving certain research documents from the island. Now, it is known that the island has since fallen into a state of decay due to a curse of some sort that has kept it in a creepy mode for a while now, and a plague is said to be brewing in that island's rodent population. Now, there's not one single thing that was scary, but that's subjective to the individual gamer, but the entire journey on the island itself is disturbing. We have the spooky-looking ambiance around the tower on that island. Add the need for you to use a special lamp for you to peer into past occurrences of ghosts, in the dark. Trust me, hearing loud voices suddenly as you turn a corner with your ghost lamp will give you a good jolt. Let's also not forget the horrible way the woman in this quest endured a slow and painful death. And oh, she's now a Plague Maiden. Whatever route you've chosen in this particular side quest, there's the leftover feeling of uneasiness after completing the quest. Maybe not do it at 3 am, like I did.


Up to this point, you've probably had your fair share specter problems along the way. Sure the first few encounters would probably be scary, but hey, you're a tough fella, you got over it. None of those specters would scare you anymore. Right till this point. Now there's a person involved. And something is telling him to hurt himself so he'll get some peace. Along the quest, you'll notice a distorted shadow of the inflicted man, and you realize he's currently possessed by a demon. There will be a time you'll have to confront it, and it is horrifying. It is the Witcher universe we're talking about, but it's still a shock if you're not prepared for it.

The Botchling

This might be a sad addition to this list where we talk about botchlings. Botchlings are small creatures that highly resemble a deformed human fetus that is created due to the improper burial of unwanted or stillborn babies. To make matters worse, they feed on pregnant women for their blood, usually killing them and the unborn child. You could perform an ancient elven ritual and turn a botchling into a lubberkin which would act as the guardian of the family. You'll definitely encounter this particular quest if you're on your way in completing the Bloody Baron side quest. All in all, it's quite a satisfying end if you've chosen the right things to say or do.

Ladies Of The Woods

Another part of the Bloody Baron quest opens up other side quests that you could do to help out the baron in order to get some information out of him about Ciri, or if you just feel he can redeem himself. You're to find his missing wife, Anna and along the way you come across a small house in the swamp with small children in it, with an old woman who acts as their guardian. Now apparently the house belongs to the Ladies of the Woods, powerful spirits that are apparently sort of the guardians of No Man's Land. They do help the community every now and then, in their twisted and sick way. At first, you'll encounter them via a painting on the wall of 3 beautiful (naked) ladies in a painting who uses the old lady as a medium. They'll ask for your help. Once you've completed the mission, prepare for an unpleasant shock. Meet the Crones, in their true form. Each sister has their own...personality that just spruces up the conversation. You'll be glad to know that you'll have a chance to kill them in the future.

Yennefer Performs Necromancy

If you're a hardcore Witcher fan, you'll know how Yennefer is a headstrong character that sometimes comes across as arrogant. However, no one can deny that she is one of the greatest mages that the land has ever seen. However, performing necromancy is always thought to be taboo in the magic community. And when she performs it, the sight of the newly reanimated body is terrifying, not to mention the distorted voice it had. The body was trying its best to talk with its rotting tongue and muscles. But when push comes to shove during your search for Ciri, you know what you got to do.

So, those are my scariest moments from the game. There are plenty more of course, but I want to give a chance for you guys to write about your spookiest moment in the Witcher 3. Let me know in the comments!
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