Science-Fiction RPG GALIX: New Horizons is announced for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam

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A new science-fiction open-world RPG, GALIX:New Horizons, was announced to launch for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam. The developers did not reveal the specific date of release yet, but they have already released the trailer.


Here's an overview of the game and its key features:

In a distant future where human civilization has crumbled, Earth has become a pristine new world teeming with life. In this open-world ARPG, play as the the courageous Hailey and set out on a journey filled with mystery and adventure. Begin your own fantastical journey as you chase the unknown.

Key Features

Setting Out on a Fantastical Journey With a Mission
– Billions of years later, humanity’s advanced civilization lies in ruins, and Earth has transformed into a pristine world with new ecosystems. In this mysterious and ever-changing world, a courageous girl sets out on an exciting adventure to find a lost friend from the old world.

Explore the Vast World – In the game, you’ll explore a vast world filled with diverse landscapes. From rejuvenated lands pulsing with ancient cosmic energy, to the stunning Rainbow Mountains, and onward to the mystical Crimson Realms sustained by elemental energies, you’ll encounter a wide variety of ecosystems to marvel at.

A Rich Gaming Experience– Players will delve into several unique biomes, reveal the legends hidden in NPCs around the world, and work side-by-side with the inhabitants to build a thriving new world and bring the planet back to life.

Personalized Gameplay – In the game, you will have the opportunity to deeply explore the vast world, from the land of rebirth containing the original divine power of the universe, to the magnificent and gorgeous mountains of ten thousand colors, to the Underworld Crimson Realm, which nourishes the divine power of the meta-world to nurture, and enjoy the diversity of ecological environments.

Experience Intense and Thrilling Battles Firsthand – Players have the freedom to switch between different long-range or close-combat weapons, demonstrating their prowess in tough and ever-changing fights. Specially designed combat techniques for each boss offer players diverse challenges and a rewarding feeling of success.

The developing team of GALIX: New Horizons, MagicFish Games might release some additional information when it is about to be released.

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