Sea Games Esports Day 1 Streaming Surpasses 1 Million Views

Over 100m views expected by the end of the event. Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers.

The 2019 Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 2019) for esports was officially opened yesterday. Due to overwhelming requests from fans to view the SEA Games remotely, Razer (official esports partner for the SEA Games) made the esports event available online via live streams for real time results.

In addition to being recognized and acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the high demand for the esports in the region was apparent in the streaming viewership. Razer observed close to 2 million views on the first day of the games. This includes approximately 70,000 concurrent views.

Online streaming platforms included Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. Razer predicts an overall view of over 100 million upon the official closure of the games.

The SEA Games is an eleven-country international sporting event sanctioned by the IOC, and the first to include esports as a medaled competitive discipline. The event features the following gaming titles: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, Dota 2, Starcraft II, Tekken 7 and Hearthstone. Athletes will battle it out to achieve the first gold medal for each discipline.

The viewership results were gathered from the first day of the esport events. Esports at the SEA Games is ongoing from now till December 10th, 2019, Tuesday. The esports event is currently held at the San Juan Centre in Manila, Philippines. The events are available for free public entry.

From Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Co-Founder of Razer
It’s great to be here. Good morning! Right in San Juan City, right in front of everybody here, right on livestream now, on youtube and twitter, essentially covering what is truly a historic move.

About a year and a half ago, I remember, I came also in Manila and I met with Speaker Cayetano, and the Philippines Olympic committee, and I spoke with them. I said “Do you guys know anything about esports?” And at that point of time, they said, “What is esports? Tell us a little bit more about it.”

The one thing that really struck my mind at that point time was when Speaker Cayetano said “This is something for the youth, and the youth is incredibly important to the Philippines.

So today we are here in a truly, truly historic moment for us at Razer. We’re one of the players of esports, we’re one of the biggest brands in the world for esports and I’m incredibly proud to say that we are now going to see esports as a method sports for all of us audience.

It’s really great for us to be here and I’m really excited. And I’m looking forward to the next couple of days that we’re going to see some great competition, we would be able to see some great fights between the different countries.

For all of us in Southeast Asia, and for all, we’re going to win this one, and be truly for gamers, by gamers.

From Congressman Abraham Tolentino, President of the Philippine Olympic Committee
On a behalf of the Philippine esports community, I would like to welcome, thank and congratulate all the delegates and participants in today’s egames, esports. I would like to thank of course our major partner, Razer and the Asian Esports Federation. You know this is the first ever medal game of esports, first in esports. Definitely, the e-games will be promoted and will be part of the Asian games in 2022. Again congratulations, welcome, and thank you very much for supporting this first ever e-games in sea games.
From Honorable Mayor Francis Zamora, Mayor of San Juan City
On behalf of the city of San Juan, I would like to welcome the athletes, officials and delegates of the participating countries of the first ever esports in the Southeast Asian Games.

This is a very historic day because for the first time, esports will be played in the Southeast Asian Games. It is a very historic event for the city of San Juan because you are all here in our city and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our historic city. I was told earlier that we are doing our very best to make sure that esports will be played in the Tokyo Olympics. So let’s all do our parts for esports. It has become very popular.

Seeing all of you today makes me very happy. Allow me to share with you that it is also my birthday today, and this is the biggest birthday gift. The biggest birthday gift that I have ever received is having all of you here in the city of San Juan.

I was once an athlete myself. I used to play college basketball so I understand the sacrifices that athletes have to undergo every single day. We as athletes learn from physical and mental discipline, and that is what you all do as athletes.

This morning, again, allow me to welcome you and allow me to wish you good luck. And may the best countries win in the esports competition in the Southeast Asian Games. Maraming Salamat! Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

From Kenneth Fok, President, Asian Electronic Sports Federation
Hello Philippines! How are you? I do not understand Filipino. Mayor Zamora, happy birthday! My good friend, Ramon, Min, and all the fans present today. We mentioned earlier we are making history here today. First of all, I want to thank the members of the SEA Council, SEA Federation for your vision and for your trust and your willingness to rephrase the future. Well now, esports to be contested here.

Before coming to [the] Philippines, I received from my office, a lot of pictures of esports athletes from around the region. They were all dressed in their national uniform, proudly posing as they set out to represent their countries here in Manila. So without your vision, they won't be here. Thank you, on behalf of the athletes. Also, I would like to thank and show our appreciation for the Philippines Government and our friends in the organizing committee to make this dream come true. With the historical 56 sports, organizing these games is no easy feat and I'm proud to say as technical delegate, AESF is now part of the family. More importantly, it's nice to see [the] Philippines as a country which enjoys esports where as I believe, the fans base is growing rapidly. This is in part to thanks to the hard work of all of you, all of the esports community here in [the] Philippines.

Now the center of this strive, the center of this movement are the fans so I'm so happy to see all of you here today. The narrative throughout last year, was that esports is not the next best thing. It's already here and there's been a rapid rise throughout these years in every takeaway.

I just want to share with you this report that over a billion people, that's over eighth of the world's population, now follow esports and it's on the track to surpass many international sports when it comes to global growth. So, the fans really are the center of this movement and besides to the great course of events, us, the AESF, we are building up sustainability of esports moving forward––promoting the positive image of esports, engaging in pressing tasks between different stakeholders, and of course, at the center of this, is reaching new fans. And at the heart of the strive are our loyal members. They have been building the necessary foundations for a solid ecosystem in their respective regions.

Without further ado, I thank you all for your prime attention, and with this I'm proud to officially welcome the esports event in the 30th edition of the SEA Games, and here in the wonderful country of [the] Philippines. Esports, we win as one! Thank you very much!

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