Sea of Thieves now available in Steam PC 

Yarr mateys! Grab the pirate map, sail the ship across the seven seas, unless you want to walk the plank! Eh, poor impression of a pirate, but that'll do because today we're featuring a game where you can truly immerse yourself as a pirate! As Sea of Thieves goes to Steam today!

For the uninitiated landlubbers, Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game where you can commandeer a pirate ship with your pirate crew! It can be anyone from random crew looking for booty or your timeless friends who are ready to go and scrub the decks with you until the end. Sea of Thieves might have a tumultuous start but their developer, Rare have been adding more content to the game so that it won't look like bare bones and you can see the loot easily in this game! Although, as for reference point, here's the one that you will see usually this..

But yeah, you can live your Jack Sparrow experience with it being more accessible in Steam. Previously it was only on XBox and MS Store, now with it being added on Steam, expect more players to joining in. Crossplay is also enabled so you can meet up with your friends if they are in XBox, more connectivity, more adventure!

With Steam added, Sea of Thieves also released an update that includes a microtransaction called "Ancient Coins" for the game, these can be used in the Pirate Emporium for cosmetics, pets and a lot more that you may find fancy. I don't know if this is a coincidence but hey, do what you want 'cause a pirate is free (the game ain't though).

Sea of Thieves is up in Steam for $39.99 buuuut here in the Philippines, it's PHP 829, if you want a salty yet treasure-filled experience in the seven seas, get it here
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