searching HIGH RISK tutorial

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by PrincessTys, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. PrincessTys

    PrincessTys Newbie Gamer

    hey guys,

    i'm searching a tutorial for new gmail accounts with "anti-highrisk".
    i bugged a lot gems for my account but this was 3-4 months ago. just created an account at google and
    did the "gem bug" trick but this time when i create a new account, load it with googleplay card codes and try to buy the gems, it says "your order was declined because of high risk".

    can you guys help me out and give me a working tutorial? i wasted 45€ already on 3 accounts and couldnt even bug 1 time, lol.

    i would also pay for it, no problem, hehe.

    thank youuuu.. :))
  2. xero

    xero Paradox Personified

    The High Risk error typically has to do with many apps being purchased in rapid succession. They likely believe your card may have been stolen and want to ensure that you are the actual card/account owner to protect you from someone else using your credit card. This error will correct itself once Google has verified everything checks out.
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  3. PrincessTys

    PrincessTys Newbie Gamer

    hey, thank you for your reply. i know what you mean, i read the same issues already on german boards but when i create a gmail account and load it with GPC, i cant even buy the first pack gems. it says directly "high risk error".
    there must be another problem. i saw some guys on some forums who do the gem bug with japanese GPC and japanese gmail accounts but i dont know exactly how to do.
  4. nino1193

    nino1193 Newbie Gamer

    what do u meand with " GPC "
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