Season 9 Top 10 Must Ban Heroes in Mobile Legends


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Jul 14, 2018
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Top 10 Must Ban Heroes in Mobile Legends for Season 9

Good day players! As you all know season 9 has started for a few days now, and most of you must be wondering who do we ban? and why should we ban or prioritize banning them? And with new heroes adding up as well as recent changes to older heroes, you guys should take a look at this quick list to get an idea at the same time an edge over your opponents in terms of having priority bans and maybe even picks.

#10 Jawhead

Jawhead hits the #10 spot all thanks to his powerful early game and his capability to snowball into the late game not to mention his capability to initiate and disposition enemies into unfavorable spots. Thus if ever you feel that you don't know who else to ban it is always a safe bet to ban Jawhead since he is also gaining popularity which means more and more players are learning how to play Jawhead.

#9 Grock

Now you maybe wondering, what happened to Johnson, The thing is with season 9 there were a lot of changes namely to defensive items as well making some tanks indirectly weaker, one of which that were affected by that change was Johnson. On the other hand, with the new item changes rolling out in season 9, Grock is back at the top 9 must ban spot thanks to his former wave clearing and front line capabilities as well as zoning.

#8 Angela

8th on the spot is Angela, she isn't any higher than this because yes her ultimate makes her a global threat towards her enemies but at the same time it is also a double edge in which if the person she is ulting dies quickly then Angela would meet the same fate making it only a feeding frenzy towards the enemy. On the other hand, if she succeds in prolonging her allied target then chances are you are helping your team to snowball to victory.

#7 Martis

Martis is now ranked lower compared to the previous season thanks to the nerfs he had received in the previous patches wherein it is much easier to react against Martis compared to before but make no mistake, he is still a force to be feared especially if you are in low health.

#6 Selena

With the introduction of Selena, many players have yet to discover her true potential but with a hands of a veteran player she is almost as deadly as Karina but the difference is that Selena is more adapt in assassinating her targets capable of striking from a distant and going in for the finishing blow. Chances are even she'd replace one of the Top 5 must ban heroes.

#5 Cyclops

Cyclops has been a constant troublesome hero to deal with ever since he was introduced to the game wherein his constant dps output most often times makes you hesitate to go in towards him making him a great mage to zone or burst down valuable squishy heroes thus if ever you are torn between your hero bans, then Cyclops is a hero you should highly consider.

#4 Helcurt

Remember that one time when Helcurt was released, he seemed to be invaluable? Now in this season, Helcurt is as valuable as any of the meta heroes thanks to his kit and that it is a no joke to deal with his ultimate and silence thus it is a rule of thumb not to let Helcurt thru the ban phase unless of course you are well prepared to counter him then it would be alright to let him thru.

#3 Hayabusa

Hayabusa has made a come back thanks to the recent reworked he had received, although his wave clear with his ultimate isn't as good as before. Make no mistake the changes to his passive as well as his basic skills makes him more lethal than before thus it would be wise not to let any Hayabusa players get their hands on this hero otherwise you'll be having a rough time.

#2 Gusion

Yes, it has been a few seasons already and you can still expect that Gusion is still a must ban as having a Gusion player roam free in ranked is as good as saying good bye star especially if that Gusion player knows how to actually play him. The thing is with Gusion, his burst damage and the combo is something even tanks fear as he can easily delete squishy heroes to tank heroes with the help of his passive as well as combos.

#1 Lancelot

Regardless of what nerf he has received, Lancelot remains to be the top ban hero all thanks to his high mobility as well as insane burst damage and capability to dodge skills with the proper timing on his 2nd skill. Now with the introduction of new heroes, he maybe stepping down the throne of the top banned hero.