Second Open Beta For Devil May Cry: Peak Of Combat Has Been Announced

As of June 11, 2021, the second round of open beta for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat in China is back as announced by Yunchang Games!


Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is a mobile action RPG with online modes such as team battles and PvP combat. It is a mobile spin-off game, developed by the Chinese company Yunchang Games, which is based off the Devil May Cry series. It will be featuring elements from previous series like DmC, DMC 3, DMC 4, and DMC 5.

The game, as well as its open beta, is currently only available in China. However, there are other way to access Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat from outside the exclusive region. On a tweet posted by Ajsu VPN, they have stated that their service is compatible and will operate with the game's open beta. Other VPN applications will work as well.


In the previous open beta of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat, it provided a rather complete picture of the game's monetization plan. With this, it remains unclear what other additional features players can expect to see in the game. However, there are several things that are already known to some players based from the last beta. As far as we know, the whole game will have at least three characters, including Dante, Lady, and Vergil, who will all have Devil May Cry 3-inspired looks. Its visuals and combat are also pretty close to the mainline Devil May Cry games. with each weapon having two types of attacks, as well as one for guns and two more for mobility.

While the game has always been marketed as a China-only title, there have been speculations of a global release at the end of 2021 when it appeared in an Apple Arcade presentation. Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is an officially licensed Devil May Cry game for Android and iOS devices. To know more details about the game and it's open beta, you can check out their official website here.